Streck’s house of horrors

I really shouldn’t have to be the one writing this story, that you now won’t read in the Dayton Daily newsless, because, if I broke the story- they can’t cover it.

That’s why you haven’t heard anything about the Kettering Schools corruption coverup, the Higgins appeal, and the story about Dr. Lolli retiring from DPS- and her illegally passed retroactive raise was days after I wrote about it.

It’s why the DDn didn’t write about the second pepper spraying of an inmate in restraints by then Sheriff Phil Plummer’s deputies didn’t make it for a 2 whole weeks after I released the story.

So, who cares if they now have to vacate a few cells over black mold in the jail? We don’t care about inmate safety, or that the jail is dangerously understaffed, or that apparently, they can’t even maintain a building properly. Just another excuse to waste tax dollars building a new jail to replace the relatively recent jail.

Too bad no one cares when an inmate dies of an overdose in the jail on Friday, January 13, 2023. His spouse, was also in the jail when he died. He’d been there since the 9th, so the question of where the drugs came from to kill him should be front and center.

But, safety in the jail isn’t something anyone really cares about in the region. We know that because there was no outrage when inmates in restraints were pepper sprayed at point blank range in the jail. Or the number of assaults within the jail from inmates on inmates to guards on inmates- it’s basically the Thunderdome.

If you are in jail, you aren’t human. Doesn’t matter you are “innocent until proven guilty”- you’re just fodder for the prison industrial complex.

It’s amazing that lawyers like Aaron Hartley, who’s been found guilty of assault, haven’t spent a night in the slammer. And, politicians and public servants seem to slide through safely.

But if you are a drug addict who’s had some minor brushes with the law, we really don’t seem to care about you.

Aaron W. “Bulldog” Dixon died in custody, while his wife, Tammy Rena Dixon was also in custody. Both are 52 and have records of run ins with the law, probably mostly connected to issues with addiction. Addiction isn’t a crime, it’s a medical affliction that can and should be treated by universal health care in this country, but it’s not.

We spend billions conducting a “war on drugs” that has no winners and lots of losers. While you may not think you are directly affected, you are. You are paying to keep this horrible system of “Criminal Justice” fully stocked with people who need help- not incarceration.

When will the story of Mr. Dixon be told to the whole community, and when will we start questioning our leadership for their failure to address this real issue. The answer is- it is apparently up to me, and the community can let their voice be heard at the next election.

Just a reminder, at any time, you, your loved ones, me, could end up in that jail, even without having committed a crime. I’ve been there.

We need new leadership in Montgomery County Ohio. All of it.

They have the blood of Mr. Dixon on their hands, and yet, they never have to face the music.

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