Unsafe at any speed: The Montgomery County Jail

Unfortunately, the Montgomery County (Ohio) Sheriff’s department isn’t the quickest at getting records requests processed. But, they do have a new link to apply for a public records request: https://www.mcohiosheriff.org/support_services/public_records.php

The tales of woe started last weekend when yet another inmate died in custody. This one’s being attributed to a heart condition. That brings the total deaths this year to 6, or one per month.

Another inmate was beaten for around 20 minutes by two other inmates, who decided to finish off their handiwork with a golden shower for the victim (yes, they pissed on him). The victim is in critical condition, and the inmates, well, they’re still inmates. We’re waiting for the video and incident reports. The county is waiting for the lawsuit so they can pay another 6 figure settlement.

Sooner or later, the citizens will realize that the jail’s epic mismanagement is costing more in settlements than it costs to have a jail at all, and we’ll either finally change management, or start sending inmates to a privately run jail that’s sure to emerge just like charter schools have.

Lastly, a corrections officer deputy decided to have sexual relations on the clock with an inmate who was described as handicapped. He’s on unpaid leave. Both, thought the event was news worthy apparently, because they both videoed their performance. No, we probably won’t subject you to the video of this. We have the officers name, and it won’t be long before the county is paying out another large settlement for malfeasance and dereliction of duty.

In the mean time, to all my readers, stay out of jail in Montgomery County, and if you do get arrested, please post bail. The jail isn’t safe for anyone.

And please, someone run against Sheriff Rob Streck next time.

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