Time to arrest and jail the Sheriff

The state has a curfew. Mask ordinances everywhere. Public Health is urging people to not go out unless it’s essential. The goal is to cut the transmission of Covid 19.

Welcome to your Montgomery County Jail, run by Sheriff Rob Streck. On Thursday, they became aware of a wide spread outbreak. They shut down the kitchen, serving bag lunches with juice box both in the jail and the juvenile detention center. Zero moves to isolate inmates who have tested positive. While doing rapid tests on staff, they ordered them to go in and clean and disinfect everything – as if that’s going to stop the spread.

Some of the inmate workers who travel the whole jail- had tested positive, meaning there is a good chance that most of the population has been exposed. Number one rule in confined spaces is NOT to have people who cross isolated areas.

Fast forward to today, Sunday. At roll call, supervisors tell staff that even if they tested positive, they are to continue to come to work, just wear a mask (as if they were allowed to work in the jail without one before?). The jail health contractor, Napthcare, has even OK’d inmate workers who tested positive, can continue to roam the jail, as long as they have a mask.

No attempts to limit admissions, to speed releases, to limit population or to isolate those who’ve tested positive.

Besides being against all CDC, state and local public health recommendations, this amounts to guaranteed lawsuits against the County. Being held in jail before being proven guilty is one thing, risking death from Covid is another. I’m sure local law firms can’t wait to start picking up these sure-fire cases that will cost the taxpayers millions more than the Montgomery County Sheriffs department and their incompetent jail administration has cost us already ($10M and counting).

Maybe if we jailed Sheriff Rob Streck for a while for attempted murder of inmates, putting him in his own jail, he may choose a different approach to managing Covid in the county lockup.

Public records requests gone bad

As a side note, up until recently, Shelly Diaz,  Assistant to Chief Daryl Wilson, has been awesome about properly fulfilling public records requests.

However on November 12th I put in the proper PRR:

With as much specificity as possible, please describe what records you want to review = Records pertaining, including cruiser cam video, of actions of Rod Brown, leading to his termination. I’m fine with digital documents. Also- his previous evaluations for the last year. Thank you

I received the cruiser cam video and every evaluation of Depute Brown, on Monday, November 16. What was missing was the incident report and termination documentation of Brown.
I asked again,

Hi Ms. Diaz,
I found all his evaluations- and 2 videos.
No files about the incident in question- or his termination documents.
Did I miss something?

Also- can I have Deputy Rod Browns official photo please?
Thank you

She responded that day:

Mr. Esrati,

I misunderstood your request, I will obtain a copy of the investigation and a copy of his termination. As for photographs, it’s my understanding that photos of former and current law enforcement officers are not public record. Though, I will verify this with our legal team.

Shelly Diaz

The Dayton Daily beat me to the story, publishing Thursday night, the story of how Deputy Rod Brown assaulted Mr. Rondale Hampton on July 13, 2020 and was terminated.  If Diaz had done her job properly, I’d have scooped the paper- and also given you a better picture of what happened.

It’s become common for those that work in the “Culture of Corruption” to bend and twist and delay public records requests in order to delay or defuse public outrage over their incompetence.

I had to ask 4 times last week for the same thing, to Dayton Public Schools about how they hired someone to re-do their website without an RFP. Turns out they no longer have to put out an RFP for anything under $50k. The bid came in at $48K, but had an “additional work” invoice for $3,975.00… you get the picture. And btw- DPS, web hosting for $200 a month better have more than 2 hours support quarterly, that’s more like monthly rates – for a dedicated box- not a cloud account.

If you’re wondering why their agency they hired 3 years ago via an RFP, The Ohlmann Group, didn’t build the new website- it was because they refused to bid on it this time around. The existing vendor, Upward, was also asked to bid, as well as some unheard of group in Columbus, the remaining bidder/winner, got the contract despite being $20K over the group in Columbus.

My firm was the low bidder by a long shot three years ago, but we were rejected. One of the DPS “evaluators” suggested we didn’t have the video chops that Ohlmann did, yet we do our own video and Ohlmann outsourced. Might be why we made a video about the whole thing- including where the Ohlmann Group was telling the superintendent and board members they couldn’t touch the proprietary website that Upward had built. Check out the whole story here- and watch the video.

Something still stinks in DPS.


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