Another death in Streck’s Thunderdome

Friday the 13th wasn’t a good day in the Montgomery County Jail, that’s when Aaron Dixon died of a drug overdose. He’d been booked on the 9th, and four days later he OD’s in jail. You’d think they’d be a little more careful about drugs in the jail, but no.

Steven Darnell Blackshear, 54, was arrested for misdemeanor theft and booked on Jan 26th, 2023 by the Miamisburg PD. He was found slumped over in his cell, dead, at 3am on Jan 29th, of an apparent drug overdose.

It took three days for him to find some drugs in a place that is supposed to be a drug free zone. Or, we have a Corrections Officer who is killing off inmates to get their rocks off. Either way, Sheriff Streck has some explaining to do.

People in jail are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It’s not a place to administer capital punishment. How many citizens have to die in Streck’s Thunderdome before our elected leaders stop allowing their police departments to entrust Streck with their citizens lives?

And, when will the news media in Dayton wake up about this story.

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