Health Insurance

A proposed compromise on “Obamacare”

As per usual, the hacks we have in Washington who’ve been bought and sold by the various forces in health care in this country (none of us that actually struggle with paying for health insurance or health care) have only two positions on a national health insurance initiative- yes or no. I’m not a fan Read More

#occupyDayton sign that has it all

When will we see 99% Democrats on the ballot?

I’ve seen accusations that this #occupy movement is just a start of the Obama campaign. I don’t think the President has any clue of how to mobilize these people, or he’d already be doing it. The big question to me, is when will see see candidates grasping onto the movement? We have Tea Party Republicans, Read More

Insurance free health care in Dayton?

Yesterday, I talked about Quality of Life- and what could we do differently in Dayton that would give us a competitive advantage over other communities in recruiting people to move here. Here’s an idea: since we have a duopoly in health insurance- with United Health Care and Anthem, and a duopoly in health care- in Read More

Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v.24 “Obamacare”

We all need health care, but, somewhere along the line, we started confusing “health insurance” with actual health care. The insurance industry is no different than the mob asking you to pay protection. Congress is off on a wild goose chase, ignoring the fact that we don’t have open competition in health insurance either, with Read More

Health insurance must die.

I can’t raise my rates 40% in a year. Yet, I’ve had incredible, wild swings from year to year for health insurance for my small business.. Reading this article about a former Cigna exec’s testimony to Congress makes it real clear why. It’s worth a read of the full piece: Wendell Potter says he is Read More

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