A proposed compromise on “Obamacare”

As per usual, the hacks we have in Washington who’ve been bought and sold by the various forces in health care in this country (none of us that actually struggle with paying for health insurance or health care) have only two positions on a national health insurance initiative- yes or no.

I’m not a fan of “Health Insurance” at all- but, that’s just not going to happen- there are too many jobs in the “health insurance” industry to try to convert them to actual health care providers fast enough.

To me, health insurance is nothing different than the Mafia telling a business “pay us for protection- or we’ll hurt you.” At a cost of about 35% added overhead to an already out of control health care delivery system.

While Republicans are all against mandatory health insurance, they are also big on free market enterprise, and that’s why I hope this compromise is attractive to them.

  • Keep the requirement that insurance companies can’t reject anyone who applies.
  • Require all institutions that accept medicaid or medicare or federal research dollars to comply with a maximum of 40/1 compensation structure for all employees if over 51% of their payroll is in the USA (if they offshore services to more than 51% of their employees- less likely in health care but more likely in health insurance, the maximum compensation rate is 20/1 average payroll)
  • Create a pricing transparency system- where all rates charged to insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) are posted online and the average price of any service to the insurance companies will be the market price to those paying with cash.

It’s time we started to address one of the hardest to manage expenses for small business and one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in this country- ridiculous health insurance and health care costs and outlandish premiums.

It’s real options like this that motivate me to run for Congress and I hope I have your support.

If you have any ideas to improve this option, I’d love to hear them.

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