Daytonian Greg Hunter to take on Liz Cheney for Wyoming House

For those of you who remember the old days of this blog, there was a time when I tried a daily vlog. Back in 2010, when video blogging wasn’t quite the thing it is today. It was a point, counterpoint, with me being the left and my friend and neighbor Greg Hunter would be the right.

Greg moved off to Laramie Wyoming about half a dozen years ago, found a nice girl, and settled down.

Apparently, she changed him. Because last night, Greg won the democratic nomination for the Wyoming House. Yes, THE NOMINATION, because Wyoming, while beautiful, has a puny population and it’s one of the states that has 2 Senators and only 1 House seat.

His opponent in November? Liz Cheney, the non-gay daughter of former VP Dick Cheney who currently occupies the seat.

Now, if you think my chances of winning an election are slim, Hunter for Wyoming may be even slimmer in Wyoming where Democrats are about as rare as actual intelligent leadership in Dayton Ohio.

Hunter for Wyoming logo

He won a primary where only 17,603 D’s turned out, and 103,329 R’s turned out. Greg won with 7,942 over his opponent, Travis Helm who garnered 4,961 votes despite being the early entrant to the race.

Of course, the dirty little secret that Greg used to be an avid R- might have actually helped him.

Flash back to the most popular episode of the “Dayton Grassroots Daily Show, v93 Open Carry” from 2010 and you hear Greg say to me: “Because Liberals are stupid, D is for dummy, don’t you have a D on your head, I have an R”

Wyoming is a very Red state, the two Republican challengers each got more votes than Hunter did in the Republican Primary but, still didn’t come anywhere near close to Cheney. However, if anyone thinks anything is predictable in November, they are wrong, and we may be saying hello to Hunter in Congress and Theresa Gasper in the Ohio 10. Why? Because in the last election we saw a lot of voters say no to career politicians, and that anyone could be put in office. President Trump winning was as much as vote the bastards out as it was “Make America Great Again.” And for those smart Wyomingites who care about guns, god and legalizing pot so all their money stops flowing to neighboring states, Greg Hunter may be just OK with them, afterall, it’s only one seat… and it’s not going to be in the Oval Office.

Congratulations Greg!

Medical marijuana in Ohio: a false positive

Welcome to Ohio, where medical marijuana is now legal, except, you can’t get it, use it, sell it, grow it. Only in Ohio folks, where despite being a democratic state in the last 2 presidential races, we’re run by a bunch of goober republicans who are beyond reckless in their pursuit of petty control over everything that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, while the important stuff gets ignored.

They rushed through their medical pot legalization after a bunch of rich assholes tried to get the voters to create a constitutionally guaranteed monopoly on pot sales in Ohio. Luckily for once, the old adage of “never underestimate the stupidity of people in large numbers” didn’t hold true and voters told the future barons of pot to go smoke their stuff somewhere else.

Unfortunately, the legislature has now made pot legal, and then, put it on the legislative slow boat for the next two years. In the mean time, states like Colorado are rolling in dough off taxes on legal pot for all. We’re still locking people up for possession- as if being stoned is a threat to humanity. The real threat is the idiots we’ve elected- not just at the state level, but now, we have local jurisdictions passing ordinances to delay any kind of pot-dispensary in their jurisdiction for the next six months- as if legal pot would be here in the next 24 if we’re lucky.

My old friend and republican sparring partner Greg Hunter was in town, and we decided to have a little conversation about medical marijuana and recorded this last month. Sorry, personal events have slowed me down a bit. Here it is for you to enjoy, debate and discuss.

If the State legislature really wanted to do their job, the first thing they’d do is put together some parameters for how dense and big you can be in order to have your own local banana republic within the state. A simple formula based on population density would regulate how much power to do local legislation is possible, forcing cities to merge, urban township tax havens to disappear, and stop duplication of resources in the name of political patronage positions… but, no- teasing us with medical marijuana legalization without implementation is much more fun.

Issue 2- The Dayton Debate

Just in time to vote, Greg Hunter returns from the wild west and we have a spirited discussion on issue 2.

If you haven’t already made up your mind- or just enjoy watching our banter, here you go.

Of course, Greg wants you to vote Yes on issue 2 and support Senate Bill 5 in Ohio, because he has no use for unions or their political power. And I say vote no, because as a whole, this is just another attempt to sidetrack us from what’s really killing our country: politicians like John Kasich, straight from Wall Street- with their screw-the-poor-people attitudes.

Issue 2 has some worthy parts- but, as a whole, it’s just another way to divert us from what really needs to happen: Take the money out of politics.


Tools for citizen journalism

You already have a computer and an internet connection or you wouldn’t be reading this- or maybe, you have a cell phone with a browser? Either will do.

A platform for writing and publishing? This site is powered by WordPress– which is one of the most powerful, easy to use Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) around – and hosted on my own server (in “real life” I own an ad agency and this is part of what we do). By hosting it on a server- I can add plugins and widgets and customize it to my heart’s content.

If you aren’t quite that tech savvy yet-you can head to and start a blog there- it’s free (note the difference between the two WordPress sites- .org is the repository, .com is the free hosted service). The only suggestion I’ll make is to buy a domain name for $15 a year from them. The reason- without paying for a domain name your URL will be instead of and will make it difficult to move once you decide to graduate to a hosted site so you can sell things and customize (and own your content). WordPress makes it pretty easy to move your site from one place to another and even to import from other CMS platforms. And, if you want a seminar on how all this works, I run a once-a-month seminar in Dayton called Websitetology to teach you all the secrets of the web and search engines.

The hard part is making the commitment to update on a regular basis. WordPress has tools to allow a group of people to manage a site- you see that over at and Find a group of people, and go to it.

Ideally, you also want to post audio, video and pictures. I’ve not found a pocket audio recorder yet that I really like. I use an Olympus and hate everything about its interface. The iPhone has a recording app- but, it has had problems with longer recordings and you may still need it as a phone.

Click on image to go to Amazon

I do have favorites for cameras, still and video. I own a Flip cam- but wish I owned the Kodak Zi8 which when I went to Amazon today was only $129! Its advantages over the flip are three, but a huge three:

  • It has removable memory – so you can keep shooting without having to hook up to a computer,
  • It has removable batteries- again- so you can keep shooting without having to hook it up to a USB power source,
  • It has an external mic input- so you can use a better mic- or a wireless one. Huge difference.

You’ll need a tool to edit and upload your video- can’t help you on the PC- but iMovie on the Mac is an amazing platform as long as your video is under 10 minutes (for some reason Apple has locked iMovie from uploading longer than 10-minute videos- and some of us have directors’ accounts- and are hamstrung by this). When I shoot longer video I use a professional HD cam- just because I have one, but for the most part- this or even the iPhone 4, with its HD camera and editing software, is more than enough to do the job.

Click on image to go to Amazon

For still photos I’ve recently acquired the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens which is in many ways similar to the much more expensive Canon EOS 7D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-inch LCD and 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens. The low light sensitivity and the huge high resolution image files it creates make it an amazing DSLR for the money- but, it also shoots great high definition video (for about 15 minutes at a time- before it shuts down and has to cool off). The one thing I’ve noticed is this sensor is better than the lens it ships with- so if you’re picky-you’ll be investing in Canon L-series glass that will set you back more than the camera. You’ll need to buy Class 6 or faster SDHC memory cards as well- like this one Transcend 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GSDHC6E The camera with memory will set you back about $950, but well worth it.

The last thing you’ll need is a good understanding of the Sunshine Laws and the First Amendment. Because even though every American was supposed to be taught civics- it’s amazing how few still understand these basic concepts. Last night I went to video record Dayton’s new Schools Superintendent at the South East Priority Board Meeting- and a citizen asked why I was taping- and that he thought it wasn’t allowed. A city staff person came over and ripped my power connection out of the wall- claiming it impeded the walk way as well- just assuming I had a battery running. Luckily, the board members were able to tell the citizen that this was a public meeting and you are allowed to record them. As to the City Staff person- I had batteries, but I also had the gumption to plug it back in.

The paid media in this country has been cutting resources and pay to “real journalists” because they haven’t figured out their business model yet. Even when they were making money- they couldn’t pay attention like an enlightened citizen can. Several years ago, Mike Robinette, Greg Hunter and Mike Bock started DaytonOS to be an open platform for citizen journalism in Dayton. Anyone can post there- sign up and you are an author. The OS stood for “Operating System” or “Official Statement” or “Open Source”- I still believe in the idea- although I’ve not loved the direction Mr. Bock has taken it.

Last night someone asked about what was the right camera to buy- and I could have just sent an e-mail. However, by writing this post I’ve shared it with the world- and hopefully given a few budding Clark Kents the tools to win a citizen journalist Pulitzer prize.
And- full disclosure, if you click on the links for the cameras and buy them (or anything else on Amazon in that visit), I get a commission. You can help support this site by buying stuff- isn’t capitalism grand?

A good guy gets shot.

Chris Grant

Chris Grant- Flexing for a laugh

A little over a month ago- I was helping the people of PUSH- Professionals United for Sexual Health- work on a charity auction. They had 18 bachelors (including Greg Hunter) volunteer to be “auctioned off” to eligible women for a date package.

I took the pictures of most of the bachelors- and got to meet some amazing people. One of whom was Chris Grant who works at Wright State in the Athletic Department for my college friend, Athletic Director, Bob Grant.

One of the ways I judge people’s competency, is by what kind of people they hire. Two of Bob’s new hires were in the auction- and both were just absolutely amazing guys. Polite, bright, interested in the community- and- jocks (it is the athletic department after all). I even tried to fix-up Jack Leopard with my girlfriend’s co-worker.

Today I hear that Chris got shot yesterday:

An employee of the Wright State athletic department is recovering in Tuscaloosa, Ala., after suffering a gunshot wound early Sunday, May 16, in an incident that left one dead and eight injured and is being called one of the worst shootings in that city’s history.

Chris Grant, special assistant to the athletic director at WSU, was attending a high school graduation party for a younger sister when the shooting occurred, said his father, Michael.

Michael Grant, the men’s basketball coach at Stillman College and the former coach at Central State, said a bullet entered Chris Grant’s right side, passed through his liver and exited his body. Chris Grant also suffered a cracked rib and is breathing with the assistance of a breathing tube, his father said.

Michael Grant said Chris’ liver has started to heal and that doctors were performing more tests Monday morning.

via WSU athletic department employee victim in mass Ala. shooting | Wright State University sports.

And no, he wasn’t shot in Dayton.

So far the news indicates that Chris will pull through- but, if you’d like to say a prayer for a really nice guy, who deserves a ton of support- please join me in rooting for a full recovery.

For all of you 2nd Amendment lovers- I’d rather have a few less guns- and an intact Chris Grant any day. A well regulated militia doesn’t let the good guys take a bullet at a graduation party. That’s not the America I believe in.