Health Insurance

Dayton’s declining revenue and rising costs: one solution: tax hospitals

The City of Dayton, like every other business in the United States has been getting hit with increasing health insurance premiums to cover their employees. In fact, the major sticking point in most negotiations with the unions involves the costs of health insurance. Facing declining revenues, the City Manager has been working at decreasing the Read More

Yet another case for National Health Insurance

It seems the Dayton Daily News got scooped again by another newspaper- this time out of Tennessee. When the Mazer Corporation closed Dec. 31, 2008, without filing the proper notice with the State- it seems they also stole 3 weeks of health insurance from their soon to be laid off workers: A new development has Read More

In what we trust

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s long. I hope it’s worth it to you. If you really like it- or hate it- tell 5 friends. The recent financial market meltdown started me thinking about what makes civilized society possible. It’s not the form of government, even a dictator can make Read More

Hillary is reading my site- but missing my target.

Juan directed me to and this article about Hillary’s latest statements. Clinton pits herself against business – Mike Allen – “We’ll take on the credit card companies so that you and your families aren’t drowning in debt. Here in Ohio, payday lenders are actually taking Social Security checks from our elderly. That’s outrageous. Read More

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