Greg Hunter

A good guy gets shot.

A little over a month ago- I was helping the people of PUSH- Professionals United for Sexual Health- work on a charity auction. They had 18 bachelors (including Greg Hunter) volunteer to be “auctioned off” to eligible women for a date package. I took the pictures of most of the bachelors- and got to meet Read More

Why we do the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show

It’s funny- people are starting to recognize us around town. Generally, we’ve been getting encouragement. This is an experiment in public journalism, community building and issue awareness. After a prominent university president saw Greg at lunch today- and introduced himself- and says he watches, we thought we’d talk about why we keep doing this- even Read More

About time we had some debate: Obama vs. Republicans

When the people are finally sick and tired of being spoon-fed partisan BS coming from the corporate puppets we elect- and the tide has turned against the leader, they finally decide to try something new- that’s as old as democracy itself: Debate: President Obama denied he was a Bolshevik, the Republicans denied they were obstructionists Read More

The Sunday Dayton Daily News: another uninspired effort

Real news is hard to come by in the Sunday Dayton Daily News- but, we thought for today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show we’d dissect it for you. The DDN just figured out that Governor Ted Strickland isn’t looking too good for a second term. Too bad he doesn’t have a Dem challenger- a primary would Read More


The “told you so” edition of the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show. It’s easy to listen to the company line, until the company decides to pull up stakes and head out of town. We’ve been hit like a punching bag for the last ten years, and if you only look at Dayton proper, since busing was Read More

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