H20h my, believe it or not, we have local experts

Once again we have to import talent:

Talking with Vincent Caprio, it’s easy to note his East Coast accent.

But when it comes to emphasizing water and its management, Caprio — chief operating officer of the Shelton, Conn.-based Water Innovations Alliance — wants to come inland to Dayton.

The Water Innovations Alliance, an association promoting water technologies, is planning the inaugural Dayton Water Conference, at the University of Dayton May 10-12.

“It really is a water city,” Caprio said of Dayton.

Caprio said the Dayton Development Coalition invited him here in November. He was introduced to UD and its engineering programs and he learned of the region’s 22-member Water Roundtable, in which local leaders try to market the Miami Valley’s water advantages.

Caprio came away impressed.

“There is an abundance of water, whereas in most cities, the aquifers are drying up and there are severe water shortages,” he said….

Any business that depends on water — in information technology, manufacturing, medicine or elsewhere — understands its importance, said Maureen Patterson, the coalition’s vice president, stakeholder relations. “Water is the next oil,” she said.

via Water forum coming to Dayton in May.

Apparently the Dayton Development Coalition is unable to do a local google search and find that we have globally recognized talent in Dayton on the subject. Greg knows all about it- since he’s worked for Dr. Philip L. Hayden who sets up water treatment plants all over the world.

Watch the video and learn more about water treatment and Greg’s opinion of this forum:


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