Ohio’s 2010 election. Governors and casinos

Ted Strickland made his choice for his Lieutenant Governor today, and Republican Chairbaby Kevin DeWine made his lack of class self-evident with his dismissal:

McGee Brown gives the Democratic ticket the same gender balance as the GOP ticket which has Auditor Mary Taylor as Kasich’s running mate. The choice didn’t impress state Republican Chairman Kevin DeWine who used a press release to blast Strickland’s “sinking ship.”

“He might need a social worker to counsel him through that failure, but Ohio needs a governor with the backbone and experience to make bold, visionary choices,” said DeWine.

via Strickland makes running mate choice for November election.

Word on the street was that had our former Mayor won, Rhine McLine would have been the African American female of choice, for the Governor, but Gary Leitzell took care of ending her political career. Interestingly enough, the paper even connects McGee Brown to the ghost of C.J. McLin who still seems to have mysterious mythical powers in Columbus:

McGee Brown wouldn’t be a newcomer to state government. She served as an assistant attorney general and legal counsel to two state departments, a job that brought her in contact with the late state Rep. C.J. McLin, Jr. of Dayton.

“C.J. was the master,” said McGee Brown. “I got some of my best political lessons sitting in C.J.’s office.”

Unfortunately, the political parties have taken away a chance for the voters to have a primary in this election- so that we could have better choices than Strickland or Kasich- a former Lehman Brothers crony who is the Republican choice.
Of course the real important issue of getting a real redistricting system on the ballot is impossible- yet, the amendment to allow the Columbus Casino to relocate is on the ballot.

Yep, it’s politics as usual in Columbus. I’m really starting to wonder if elections are giving us our money’s worth these days.


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