Think before voting

Mid-term elections are coming up- with the filing deadline of Feb. 18, 2010. If you want to run against County Commissioner Dan Foley, County Auditor Karl Keith or Congressman Mike Turner- or run to be a precinct captain for the Democratic party, it’s time to get your petitions ready to turn in.

Lately, thanks to readers Bubba Jones, the Ice Bandit and Robert Vigh- some other readers are starting to wonder if there is any politician who could represent them. These guys are almost universally against anything that sounds like regulation of anything.  And that’s part of what has gotten the USA into such a mess- while we’ve been busy polarizing the electorate into Red or Blue states, and vilifying the opposing party- the people are faced with 10%+ unemployment, a huge reduction in net worth and a dismantling of the middle class.

Greg Hunter returns to the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show today after working on EPA compliance issues for one of the remaining heavy industry plants- and I spent yesterday afternoon at the auction for the Dolly Toy company- formerly of Tipp City.

We discuss the state of the American dream, and what questions you should be asking as you go to the polls.


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