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Mid-term elections are coming up- with the filing deadline of Feb. 18, 2010. If you want to run against County Commissioner Dan Foley, County Auditor Karl Keith or Congressman Mike Turner- or run to be a precinct captain for the Democratic party, it’s time to get your petitions ready to turn in.

Lately, thanks to readers Bubba Jones, the Ice Bandit and Robert Vigh- some other readers are starting to wonder if there is any politician who could represent them. These guys are almost universally against anything that sounds like regulation of anything.  And that’s part of what has gotten the USA into such a mess- while we’ve been busy polarizing the electorate into Red or Blue states, and vilifying the opposing party- the people are faced with 10%+ unemployment, a huge reduction in net worth and a dismantling of the middle class.

Greg Hunter returns to the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show today after working on EPA compliance issues for one of the remaining heavy industry plants- and I spent yesterday afternoon at the auction for the Dolly Toy company- formerly of Tipp City.

We discuss the state of the American dream, and what questions you should be asking as you go to the polls.


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Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

   Lately, thanks to readers Bubba Jones, the Ice Bandit and Robert Vigh- some other readers are starting to wonder if there is any politician who could represent them. These guys are almost universally against anything that sounds like regulation of anything.  (Dave Esrati)

   Well, David, the Old Bandito won’t pretend to speak for Bubba or Robert Vigh. These two intellectual heavy hitters do a pretty good of advancing their ideas without anyones’ assistance. However, methinks dear David you confuse being “against anything that sounds like regulation of anything” with an objection to  a statist mindset that literally wants to regulate everything. From what colors taxicabs must be painted to what type of oil  Colonel Sanders can fry his wings, there is no area too picayune to escape the state’s regulation. There can be no doubt that all these regs add to the cost of everyday life. Furthermore, these countless, endless and ever-changing rules also complicate our lives and limit our economic and personal choices and freedoms. But most importantly, most of them have just the opposite impact on whatever ill the regs were supposed to remedy. Against regulation? Contraire mon friere. Just against regulations for regulations sake……….

Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh

Where do I sign up? And can I perform those duties and still work 50-60 hours running my company?

I am certain that there are plenty of people that could represent me. It is unfortunate that they are probably busy making the world go around instead of pretending to be useful as a politician. I also find it a shame that the people you mention often provide eloquent and well thought arguments to topics that you are typically incapable of doing anything but scoffing at. Your stated purpose is to get people to think, but it is very clear that it is really to get people to think like you, as you usually avoid any meaningful debate.

(insert DE one liner here)

Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh

And I still have this to say about appearing to be against everything. This is my perception of ice bandit.

To David Esrati: I think it is very clear what Ice Bandit is for. He is for freedom. One does not compromise one’s freedom, one pursue’s their freedom as an absolute. Other people find infinite # of ways to destroy the freedom of others. Consequently, it would appear that Ice Bandit is against everything, but truly and noticeably our well versed friend is only against one thing: The disparagement of freedom. The fact that others can bundle that disparagement into infinite disguises should not reflect onto El Bandito.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

“The fair tax people are no different than radical right wing type of people. They would regulate your womb….”  quotation from Greg Hunter.
Well Greg, the Old Bandito has advocated the Fair Tax for almost 20 years, and has the paper trail to prove it. And though he has been tagged as a “cheap shot artist” (Leamington Lasers hockey team, 1980) and “lying, two-timing SOB” (various college girl friends) and “town drunk” (city of Detroit, 1975-1979) you, dear Greg, are the first to hang the handle of “right wing” on this old persona. Fact is, when it comes to issues such as drug legalization and a dozen other issues, the Old Bandito is probably far to the left of you. As far as regulating anyone’s womb, that train left the station 30 years ago with Roe v. Wade, which determined states could regulate abortion using the trimester system as reference. Funny thing, Greg, back when the Democrat Party had a libertarian wing, these ideas were considered liberal and progressive. It has only been since the Octoberist takeover by the party’s Pol Pot faction that these ideas have fallen into disrepute among liberals. Sidebar and historical footnote. Many years ago, I offered my still confused and emotional girlfriend an abortion at my expense. She looked at the Bandito like he had a sphincter in the middle of his forehead. Best decision anyone ever made. The Old Bandito’s oldest daughter, the person whose life he once offered to abort, is approaching 30, and is one of this planet’s most beautiful and wonderful young women, who he would love even if they didn’t share the same DNA……..