Martin Luther King Jr. and my father

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day- and we had marches, speeches and memorial remembering the King Legacy. We often hear from those who marched with Dr. King- but, not many who say they didn’t see eye to eye with the legend. My father knew Martin, when he was just Martin- as students at Boston University. They used to eat lunch together and have arguments on Thursdays. One a theology student who believed in non-violence and the other, a poly sci student who had battled the imperialist British occupiers of Palestine.

Unfortunately for us, flip cams and the Internet didn’t exist- or we may have gotten to sit in on a fascinating discussion. Instead, we have Greg Hunter asking my father about a different view of American History- one where anti-lynching laws were still an item of debate in presidential elections (in the 1950’s) – and how this country that considered itself free, as long as you were white.

A little Ohio history, mixed in with reactions to the JFK assassination, bring this first person account of history very close to home.

The book my father wrote to me back in 1967 is available free on this site– he also mentions “The Man Who Cried I Am” by John Alfred Williams as a classic story of race and justice in this country.

The interview ran long- so we have it in two parts- with a majority of the MLK discussion in part 2.


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