The “told you so” edition of the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show.

It’s easy to listen to the company line, until the company decides to pull up stakes and head out of town. We’ve been hit like a punching bag for the last ten years, and if you only look at Dayton proper, since busing was instituted in the mid-seventies. Yet, we’re still doing the same old thing. The Montgomery County Democratic Party decides who gets to run, the paper tells us who to vote for, and the people watch as their tax dollars get spent on multi-million dollar Riverscape fountains and invested in bad corporate welfare.

Greg rails off about the owners of Madison Bistro and their tax/liquor issues just because, well- I can’t stop him.

In this totally banal video, Greg Hunter and David Esrati talk about the issues that we’ve championed against the establishment, and the grand rewards bestowed on us (titles like quack, crazy and the “N” word- not that “N” word but the Japanese assassin one). Of course, David has had plenty of help ruining his image- thanks to Mr. Sidney Schultz- prolific author of wacko-mail.

So for your viewing enjoyment- today’s video: Prophets of Dayton- the show where the lights cut off:

Enjoy- but don’t say you weren’t warned.

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