Day old Dayton Daily News

In today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show,  we look back at yesterday’s Dayton Daily News. Greg Hunter and David Esrati discuss the hoopla surrounding the shifting of our economic foundations from private corporations to, well- the no-tax-base non-profits as we’re seeing with UD taking over NCR world HQ.

Should we be overjoyed at the news that the building will be occupied, even if it won’t directly contribute near the economic impact for the community? Why can’t Dayton land new large employers? Could it be that we’ve lost track of how to do the basic services that make things work on their own without government intervention? After all, one could think that the money that UD is using to buy NCR is coming from the Federal research contract they just won.

And when it comes to major corporations, including the ones that engineered this financial meltdown- is their any responsibility of corporate boards? This New York Times article about corporate board accountability will make you wonder about Greg’s “Screw up, Move up” mantra.

Should we be looking to create a local “stock exchange” where it’s possible for local companies to raise funds from local investors? Not with tax dollars,  like  Ohio “Third Frontier program”- but a real local stock exchange ?

And if you think you are getting answers from us- you’re dreaming. We just like asking the questions.

We believe Dayton should have just as much right to bring companies like NCR here.We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of as a region, other than our insufferable “newspaper” and our plethora of impotent politicians ruling over their mini-fiefdoms.

What do you think?

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