What we should be building in the GM Truck plant in 2011

My neighbor Larry Sizer sent me a video- and as a BMW rider, who was already in love with the C-1 model enclosed scooter,


this made it look like a half finished idea.

Meet the EcoCycle, made by:

PERAVES Ltd. was founded in 1974 and produces MOTOR VEHICLES and INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES(ICE). Since 1987 we are market leaders in CABIN MOTORCYCLES. Presently the MonoTracer® with conventional BMW-ICE is in production. A BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (BEV) with ELECTRIC motor is being tested with a street legal PROTOTYPE and a market launch, E-Tracer®, is imminent. A HYBRID-MODEL with PERAVES-SUPERBALLMOTOR® is also under development.

via Welcome to Peraves AG Winterthur – MONOTRACER – SUPERBALL MOTOR – ECOMOBILE.

(sorry about the ALL CAPS- the SWISS must think it MAKES THINGS SEEM MORE IMPORTANT).

Here is the video:


The EcoCycle is a converted BMW bike- that’s fully enclosed, with outrigger wheels that deploy when the bike slows down. No more rainsuits, or scuffed up dress shoes (and people wonder why I wear jeans most of the time- it’s because I ride most of the time). Obviously, fuel economy is on par or better than a motorcycle- meaning an instant doubling of most peoples fuel economy.

This is the kind of forward thinking manufacturing we need to be attracting to Dayton- and putting this city back on the map.

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