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Apparently rocket scientists can’t get development right either…

NPR mentioned a video made by a NASA engineer [1] showcasing the barriers to innovation in developing systems at NASA. Replace the people in the video with “economic development” people and bureaucrats in zoning, building codes, inspection in the city of Dayton- and you have the reason that starting a business in Dayton isn’t easy.


Fear of change, fear of lawsuits, fear of actually having to say yes is an epidemic in city hall.

Where is a voice of leadership- to push through the paperwork, the rules and actually encourage new business in the city?

It’s not coming from the Mayor, the City Commission, or the City Manager who seem locked in a strange dance of six people both trying to lead on “Dancing with the Stars.” We need to get the elected “leaders” out of the way- let the professional dancer (the City Manager, Rashad Young) lead the dance, and hold him accountable for his results.

It’s the commissions job to set objectives and ask questions, not to lead. It’s also their job to hold the layers of bureaucracy accountable for their actions.

If we wonder why the best and brightest leave our city, the end of this video makes it quite clear.

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Jim Crotty

Sad,sad,sad. But so true. Thanks David for shooting up my blood pressure for the day and reminding me why I detest organizational politics. This sort of thing is endemic throughout all types of organizations – government, non-profit and profit, and not just in Dayton.

It’s the same reason I laugh like crazy when I watch “The Office” but rarely can make it through an entire episode.

The very definition of work and how people operate within organizational offices today is like a tragic comedy.

Well at least they brought her in on the carpet and fed her all that B.S. straight to her face. It could have been worse. She could have been completely torpedoed behind her back and set-up to look like a fool. That’s always nice.

Once again, point well made David.

From a fellow malcontent, s*#% disturber who’s full of sour grapes out in the south suburbs.