Dayton OH

The death of historic preservation in Dayton

Apparently the cost of a hall pass to tear down a historic structure is $500. You can probably even skip paying that, if you can get the blame shifted to city staffers who never run the risk of getting fired (unless you either get caught with child porn on your computer or you blow the Read More

Time to get rid of your mercury thermometers

Had a scare in the house this morning. Came downstairs to see the natural oak  kitchen floor was mottled black and oak. Looked like someone had tried to tie dye it. Turns out, the 12 year old had broken a thermometer on the floor and “cleaned it up.” It was out on the kitchen counter Read More

When there is no leadership- form a committee

Debate used to be something that was valued in America. Lincoln vs. Douglas was a pivotal point in American history that captured the country’s attention. JFK was more telegenic than Nixon and from then on, it became less and less about the power of ideas, but a pandering to the majority. Debate focuses ideas, especially Read More

Electronic billboards and you.

The e-mail came through the neighborhood mailing list: A 396-square foot electronic billboard has been proposed for Route 35, just east of downtown. See the article from Tuesday’s Dayton Daily News at The Dayton Plan Board will have this on its agenda on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 4:30 p.m. The meetings are held at Read More

Google Maps finally find focus on Dayton

Glad to see that we’ve finally matched resolution with Greene County- although the picture is in the dead of winter and seems overexposed. Take a look at the Arcade and Courthouse square– and compare to the “visual border” by WPAFB by Route 4. So now, we can have that 1000 ft view of Dayton we’ve Read More

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