David Esrati interviewed by DAVIDeBOWMAN podcast

I can’t knock on 25,000 doors between now and March 4. It’s too bad, because I’d like to meet all the people I need to vote for me for this to continue to November.

While postcards are nice, and this website is even better, sometimes, people just want to hear what a candidate has to say. My blogging buddy, David Bowman came over to interview me today- and has put together a podcast. The sound isn’t studio quality- but it should give you an idea about how I am in a candid interview.

Here is what David wrote to introduce it:

Voices: Episode 2 – David Esrati | DAVIDeBOWMAN
The name of the podcast is Voices, and frankly there are not many people I know more vocal than David Esrati. David, never at a loss for words, sat down to speak with me about what makes Dayton great, the role of the city in the broader region, his run for congress, the impact of technology on the political process, what he thinks Mike Turner has done well, why he wants to be in Congress, the difference between an ad campaign and a political campaign, and more. Love him or hate him, and there are plenty on both sides, David is thought provoking, passionate, and fearless when it comes to expressing his beliefs. His campaign is sure to break new ground as it pertains to the use of the web, and his creativity and candor will make the run for OH 3 something exciting to follow – regardless of your political views. Take a listen for yourself. Thanks to David for agreeing to spend time talking with me. It was great fun.

So far, David gave me the most interesting questions, I’m not sure all my answers are pretty, but, I think my answer of what the difference is between a political campaign and an advertising campaign should make it worth a listen. 39 minutes, 35.9 mb


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