Montgomery County Democratic Party site doesn’t want your input either.

It’s bad enough they were still endorsing Dick Chema for the OH-3 race of 2006, when it’s 2008– but, apparently, you can’t comment, or send a message- or use their blog either (maybe it’s because my name was in the message?;-)

Degenhart Family Blog » Blog Archive » Dayton Daily News Democratic Endorsement…What is the implication?I tried to send my thoughts to the Montgomery County Democrats on their web site contact us page, cause it says”We want to know what you want, what you think, and how we can stay in touch. Your comments are always welcome! Contact us! Let us know what you think!”SO I told them what I want and think and how they can stay in touch with me and the Contact Us Form is broke. Can’t Submit.Then I sees a blog link thingy thing on the left side navigation and thinks to myself, I’ll go there and post my thoughts, desires and feelings for everyone to read and comment on and it’s broken to! note to my kids, you get 24 hours (max) to fix a broken linkSO what’s a blogger to do? Post it where it’s relevant. This is what I wanted to send to Mont Dems: (remember it was a contact form that was broke)

You need to go to Rob’s site to see what he wanted to tell the dems.

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