Chinese Shar Pei puppies in Dayton for sale (NO MORE)

Male Shar Pei with standard wrinkles

My neighbor breeds Chinese Shar Pei’s. Not my kind of dog, but, if they are yours, he has 6 4 females and 2 males (all gone) ready to sell with AKC papers.

I’m just trying to help him out since he doesn’t have a computer. If you are interested leave a comment, and I’ll get you his phone number 937-938-5917. These two are black, but he has other colors. He’s asking $500 $250 each, but, I’ll leave the negotiating up to you.

Female Shar Pei for sale- long fluffy hair.I’m posting 2 pictures that I snapped upstairs, but, these are hard dogs to shoot- since you can barely see their eyes. If you like Shar Pei’s you’ll like these.

Updated 26 May 08

Update May 27- there is one more “style” of pup available- so I shot one more picture.Chinese shar pei puppy in Dayton

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