Barack Obama needs you- and what you can do

I’m having a nightmare flashback today- the 2000 election, and the popular vote doesn’t pick the winner. Fast forward to the Democratic National Convention 2008, the delegates are split pretty closely- and it comes down to the votes of the “Super delegates” and the deals begin in the backroom- and all of a sudden we have some frankenslate of Clinton-Obama or even Obama-Clinton, or worse yet- Clinton.

That’s not what I want. And I don’t think it’s what a majority of progressive and forward thinking Americans want. I’m concerned when our Governor and Lt. Governor are busy campaigning for Hillary- and I’m getting robo-calls from Matt Russ Joseph using Dem HQ’s equipment. Does this mean the Montgomery County Democratic Party is going to be doing the Get Out The Vote with slate cards for Hillary? I don’t recall hearing the party ask my opinion- was this another secret meeting?

So tonight I went to an Obama house party in Centerville-and was energized by the people in the room. Mac, an 81 year old who lives in 10 Wilmington Place was there- and he said we have an opportunity to vote for the type of candidate that comes once every 100 years (I hope he’s wrong- I hope we get more and more opportunities to vote for statesmen instead of politicians). Others said it’s the first time they thought they were voting FOR someone instead of against someone.

Needless to say- it was a far healthier atmosphere than the one poisoned by campaign money, favors, back-room deals- that I feel when I’m around the Montgomery County Democratic Party. It gave me hope.

So, here is our punchlist of what you can do before March 4- to make sure the nomination doesn’t come down to the “SuperDelegates” and is still the voice of the people, for the people:

  1. Go to and sign up to volunteer and join a group. That way, when it comes time to take action, we know how to get your help.
  2. Send an e-mail to everyone you know- and tell them why you believe Barack Obama is the right choice to lead our country out of the mess were in. Ask them to go to and register as well.
  3. Consider giving some money to Barack Obama- to show that us little people want a chance to buy the White House back. While Hillary is pumping millions of her own money into her campaign, and firing her campaign manager, Obama is surging with the support of the people.
  4. Remind people that they need to ask for a Democratic ballot in the primary- even if they have voted Republican, there is no choice left to be made there. Voting issues only as an “independent” isn’t an option this time. If they want to take the White House back from the Clinton/Bush oligarchy, it’s time to support Obama in the primary.
  5. Yes We Can OHIO Obama poster by David Esrati, candidate for Congress OH-3And- if they say he doesn’t have the experience and that Clinton does- remind them that he has 8 years in Illinois before his time in the Senate (elected in 04)- more legislative experience than Hillary (being first lady doesn’t cut it anymore than saying Annie Glenn is an astronaut because John was one).
  6. If you can, host a party for your friends and neighbors – and share with them your feelings, have a discussion- a “town hall” or a debate. It’s the way things used to be done and maybe, it’s time we got back to it.
  7. And if you want to let people know who you support- go to this site and make your own Barack Obama poster and print it out and hang it up.
  8. Learn about RSS- and keep up to date on things Obama and this site- via a feed. If you need a place to get started- try the site instructions on this site. If you see a place to post comments- on any site- make sure you let people know why you are voting for Obama.

Obama will be setting up a field office in Dayton on Monday the 10th. Be sure to stop by- or make yourself known through the Obama site. Be prepared to turn out in force if Obama comes to Dayton.

Let’s make sure this election is for the people, by the people. I don’t want to wake up again in an America where the winner of the popular vote goes home.

If you are with me on supporting Obama- please leave a comment. It makes me feel like I’ve done my part.

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