How has this site impacted you?

Before I threw my hat into the ring for Congress, I was asked to speak at the Dayton Rotary as part of a panel on blogs/Web 2.0 and how it was changing things. I’ll be on stage with Bill Pote from Dayton Most Metro and David Bowman. I’m sort of the “Granddaddy” of Dayton blogs- and as one of the founders in DaytonOS– and the only one teaching blogging and web 2.0 to business in Dayton Ohio- got the invitation.

I’m not supposed to talk politics at Rotary- and I’m fine with that, however, I think it would be interesting for my readers to post and share why they come to this site- and what they get out of it, and how they feel it has made a difference in Dayton- or- if it (and DaytonOS went away)- how would you feel? Need your input by 11:30 am.


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J.R. Locke

Well I redid my site in wordpress because of this!

I think sites like these with a focus on locality tend to unite people together. Many of these issues about Dayton that are brought up here and argued about I can’t find anyone else who cares about them. I come here to discuss Dayton and in many ways this site and the visitors on it effect whether I want to stay in this city or get out of here like so many jobs and home owners have.


I don’t know if this site has “impacted” me, although I certainly enjoy it. I would be sad if it “went away” although I would probably be a lot more productive during my work day if I wasn’t checking in here 2 or 3 times during the day.

It has been entertaining to see the different points of view that range from JR’s to Gene’s.

Have fun speaking to the Rotarians. Remember, open with a joke, and keep it light. I’ve sat through a lot of rubber chicken lunches before! ;)


Talk politics without mentioning politics. The Rotarians could use it.


This site and Dayton OS provide for me news I don’t get anywhere else. I read about things here that are never mentioned in the print media. Also, both sites provide a view local politics, ecnomic and cultural news that I won’t find other places even if the stories covered are the same. Blogs are easy to access and easy to read. I presume like most working folks, I have access to internet nearly where-ever I am. I don’t always have a copy of the newspapers with me, but I can read DaytonOS and Esrati and other Dayton Blogs. I have a Favorites Folder just for Dayton Blogs!-Barbara


Honesty. And information you can’t find anywhere else.

Alan Pippenger
Alan Pippenger

Reading your blog led me to give you a call, which in turn led to our meeting for a conversation at your office. Eventually it led me to support your campaign for Congress.

It also led me to invite you to participate in the Rotary program today on “Blogging Dayton.” It turned out to be a great program that entertained and engaged about 140 downtown business persons and did a great deal to promote awareness about blogging. I’m sure many Rotarians will be exploring DaytonOS, MostMetro, Esrati, Daytonology, and other sites this week.

Regarding the comment about Rotarians and politics: Dayton Rotarians are, as a whole, very active politically. My request to avoid politics today was for two reasons. First, the program was about blogging, not the Democratic primary. And we had less than thirty minutes for three speakers to make their points. Second, when Rotary does invite candidates to speak, we always invite ALL the candidates for the office. Perhaps we can do that in October.


Oh, and another thing . . . The true beauty of both blogs and static web sites are the incredible opportunities one can have in expanding his or her business far beyond geographic boundaries and without one’s business being beholden to various local networks. If you own a business where you are not dependent on local influences, then the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately for me commercial and fine art photography, particularly as it applies to assignment work, is still somewhat dependent on what goes on here in Dayton. However, through I have been able to make valuable contacts beyond the region, contacts who came to me based solely on the quality of my work displayed on my site.