America as a third world country

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AA status for a third world country

Standard & Poor’s is extracting an ounce of payback on the United States after they were ridiculed and had their wrists slapped for rating Lehman Brothers an A, a month before bankruptcy. The problems- as with most of our problems in the United States- comes back to the fact that we’ve been forced to employ Read More

Ross Perot was right.

The last major third party candidate to make it on the ballot (Ross Perot) had it right- there was a giant sucking sound coming, and we didn’t listen. But, it’s more than just the sound of “free trade” sucking jobs from our highly regulated- centrally directed economy (and don’t say it isn’t after the bailout Read More

17.5% of Ohioians underemployed

This isn’t a comment on the Democrats or the Republicans in Congress- because they all have failed the American working class. Frankly, how we can let people make over a million dollars a year, while shutting down plants- sending people to the unemployment and underemployment lines is criminal. Especially while we are fighting two wars. Read More

30 days is a joke: Unemployment benefits aren’t the answer

How many Senators does it take to screw in a lightbulb? First you have to teach them that the power is out and changing the light bulb won’t make a difference. We have an epidemic problem- band-aids aren’t doing anything to stop the spread of the virus. That one Senator was able to hold this Read More

America: a third world country.

The day has arrived for us to take a serious look at our Nation, and where it has been headed. Although we still pretend to be a Country where “all men are created equal” it now costs a million to be “elected” to Congress and a few billion to buy the presidency. I’ve asked the Read More