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AA status for a third world country

Standard & Poor’s is extracting an ounce of payback on the United States after they were ridiculed and had their wrists slapped for rating Lehman Brothers an A, a month before bankruptcy. The problems- as with most of our problems in the United States- comes back to the fact that we’ve been forced to employ Read More

Tariffs, Taxes and putting people back to work

For all the game playing on Wall Street- and in Congress, there really hasn’t been any serious discussion on how to get U.S. companies to stop hoarding cash and doing M&A. And the talk about tariffs on trading partners gets squashed the moment that you realize it will raise prices on everything in the U.S.- Read More

Who made money in the collapse

If you listen to the pundits and the politicians, you’ll hear all kinds of excuses for why our entire economy collapsed virtually overnight. Lots of blame on sub-prime loans- and even that the government was responsible for pushing people into homes they couldn’t afford. It’s all total BS, but finding someone credible to point out Read More

The terrorists at Toyota

Fear. It’s a powerful weapon. It’s also a great diversion. While you’re terrified, you typically don’t think about things rationally- or tend to make good decisions. Masters of propaganda know this. Manipulated masses don’t. The whole “news story” about Toyota’s engineering problem is just another instance of the magician distracting you while they do their Read More

Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v9: Wall Street vs Breadbasket of the World

We’re still working out a format. This was a total ad-lib, thanks to our “cameraman” pushing record before we’d figured out what to talk about. Ends up- Afghanistan, the perils of a Wall Street driven economy- and where will the world get it’s food in the future (hint, Ohio used to be part of “The Read More

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