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Vet Biz Now flyer, for VOB108 announcing Col Tomas Moe to speak

John McCain’s cellmate to speak in Dayton Oct. 13, 2011

When I’ve run for office, the fact that I’m a veteran wasn’t given much credit by the Dayton Daily News- that’s probably because they don’t employ too many veterans in their news room these days. But, yes, I’m a veteran- and I was a founding member of a business group for Veterans- VOB108 over 6 Read More

Incentives are a zero sum game- unless you are a CEO or a politician

If we were in Georgia we’d be saying, our governor, sure did us a great favor- spending our tax dollars to bring that ATM/cash register company to our State. In Ohio, we have all the politicians saying “why wouldn’t they talk to us, boo-hoo.” Reality: Both States took a whupping. Georgia will find that in Read More

Redistribution of wealth: Obama vs. McCain

Before I start, I’m going to remind everyone of something said by George H. Bush that helped him win an election: “Read my lips, No new taxes.” It was a lie. So before you get caught up with “Obama is a socialist” or “McCain is better for business because he won’t “redistribute your wealth” remember, Read More

So much for just the “liberal media”- Colin Powell endorses Obama

If you only watch one YouTube video endorsement of a candidate this season, this is the one to watch. In a measured, reasoned and well thought out series of answers, Colin Powell puts the smackdown on the direction of John McCain and the Republican party. He flat out says that Sarah Palin isn’t fit to Read More

McCain defends Obama. What next? Ditch Palin?

Yesterday, John McCain had to start defending the character of Barack Obama after he had been inciting fear and suggesting that Barack Obama is connected to terrorism. [youtube][/youtube] Now, more than ever, we need to be talking about issues and coming together as Americans. Even John McCain is seeing how the policy of divisiveness isn’t Read More

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