30 days is a joke: Unemployment benefits aren’t the answer

How many Senators does it take to screw in a lightbulb? First you have to teach them that the power is out and changing the light bulb won’t make a difference.

We have an epidemic problem- band-aids aren’t doing anything to stop the spread of the virus.

That one Senator was able to hold this up- while no real solutions are being offered is a sign of the total and complete break down in Washington:

The Senate ended a politically charged impasse over unemployment pay on Tuesday night, voting to allow jobless Americans in danger of exhausting their benefits another month of aid.

The bipartisan 78 to 19 vote in favor of the extended compensation came after Senator Jim Bunning, Republican of Kentucky, dropped his objection to extending unemployment compensation in exchange for a largely symbolic vote on paying for the aid.

via Senate Ends Impasse Over Extending Jobless Benefits – NYTimes.com.

How about a total suspension of trading on Wall Street until unemployment drops to 7% Extend it to a halt to all foreclosure proceedings, an instant cap on interest rate hikes on consumer credit for missed or late payments, and an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and cessation of “nation building” activities overseas until we’ve built our own country back?

Now is the light bulb flickering?
And before you say it can’t be done, remember that in war time- anything is possible. We had rationing in WWII. Trading stopped after 9/11 Life can go on, but we can’t with this aimless leadership.

It’s time to put Americans back to work and pay them well. It’s what a great nation does. A third world country lets its people slip into poverty and despair.

Where is our leader?

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