17.5% of Ohioians underemployed

This isn’t a comment on the Democrats or the Republicans in Congress- because they all have failed the American working class. Frankly, how we can let people make over a million dollars a year, while shutting down plants- sending people to the unemployment and underemployment lines is criminal.

Especially while we are fighting two wars.

The latest stats say that we’re well past crisis stage, and it’s time for drastic measures. In World War II the government stepped into private businesses and said “sorry, you will now be working on the war effort” – forget what you were doing- you’re making tanks, uniforms, airplanes. That intervention won the war.

The war on the middle class has been going on for the last 30 years, but only recently, with the wave of foreclosures, bankruptcies and companies closing down, are we at a the tipping point, where our social capital may actually decide to revolt (and, no, I’m not talking the Tea Party).

Ohio’s unemployment rate has hovered between 10 and 11 percent since April 2009; April’s rate was 10.9 percent.The most recent state underemployment rate, however, was 17.5 percent. Included in that grim statistic are the unemployed, people who were looking for work but then stopped, and those, like Black, who are working part-time involuntarily.Some believe even that figure is optimistic because it doesn’t capture workers overqualified for their full-time jobs — the “mechanical engineer working at 7-11,”

via How bad is it? 17.5% in Ohio underemployed.

Our government has gotten too big. We employ people to do “economic development” which is another word for “corporate welfare”- yet, cities are going bankrupt faster than the companies they are chasing with benefits.

It all comes down to what values we are going to hold up- those of the American people, who want to work, who want to make a decent living- or those that are buying our politicians and creating laws that make it almost impossible for the small business to succeed.

We need a massive changeover. It’s time to bring simple accounting back to the balance sheet. It’s time to demand pay for performance, and the number one performance indicator has to be how many Americans do you employ, and how much do you pay them.

If it’s not- take your company- and your intellectual property- and head to wherever you want to create jobs. You call company an American Company- you better be spending more money in America than in China (Apple, Dell, Microsoft etc- are you listening?). If you want to employ the Chinese- move your company there.

We’ve shipped our magnets industry overseas- what happens to our country when China says no more magnets for you? Do you understand the implications of that? It’s called being a third world country. It’s time to bring our industrial skills back, before it’s too late. It’s time to make things here again- and do it with American ingenuity and know how.

17.5% underemployed, 10% Unemployed. We don’t need a bailout- we need a clean out of our ruling political class.

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