Racism: By the DOJ, the FBI and the State

Let’s compare.

The state of Ohio is revoking two disadvantaged business certifications of a Trotwood trucking company owned by Joyce Sutton Cameron, one of three people indicted on federal charges related to defrauding the city of Dayton’s program for minority and disadvantaged businesses.

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services opened a review of Green Star Trucking on Oct. 30 after federal officials announced the indictment of Sutton Cameron, 71, of Trotwood, her husband and Green Star employee James Cameron, 80, both of Trotwood, and businessman Steve Rauch, 64, of Germantown.

Green Star has been certified as an MBE and EDGE company since 2005, and is also certified by the city of Dayton in the Women Business Enterprise, Dayton Local Small Business Enterprise, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 3 programs. Those certifications give Green Star preference over non-disadvantaged companies on local, state and federally funded projects and helped contractors like Rauch win government contracts that required minority and disadvantaged business participation.

A Dayton Daily News investigation published Sunday found that Rauch used Green Star to meet minority contracting goals for nearly $4.4 million in city of Dayton demolition contracts between 2008 and 2013.

The investigation also found that Green Star won work as a subcontractor on at least 34 public contracts since 2008.

Source: Company’s minority status hits wall – Dayton Daily News

Yet, the Wright State Board of Trustees, David Hopkins and crew burned through $130M and was caught in an H1B visa scandal, and not a single person was charged with a crime.

Difference? The Cameron’s are black. All the people at Wright State are white, with the exception of Nina Joshi and Vishal Soin who are Indian and Michael Bridges who claims to be some kind of minority so his business can be an 8a firm just like Joshi’s and Soins. In the pecking order of “minority businesses” 8a is the write yourself a ticket designation, ranked higher than HUBzone or even Service Disabled Veteran Owned businesses.

But wait, there’s more.

Today the story about the guy who bought the parts of a gun and bullet proof vest for the loser that shot up the Oregon District.

Ethan Kollie pleaded guilty to being an unlawful user of firearms, with a history of using marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, and lying about his drug use in completing a government form to buy a semi-automatic Romanian-made pistol in May 2019.

A Kettering Fairmont graduate and former Sinclair Community College student, Kollie is the only person to have been charged as a result of the investigation into the Aug. 4 mass killing along East Fifth Street, a shooting spree that left 10 people dead in less than a minute…

Source: Shooter’s friend pleads guilty to 2 gun charges – Dayton Daily News

Ethan Kollie is black. He has spent 15 weeks locked up while waiting to plea.

In the meantime,

Delano Wells, 50, of Trenton has been charged with making false statements on a federal firearms form, according to the U.S. Attorney Southern District of Ohio’s Office.

Source: Butler County man charged with purchasing gun that killed Del Rio

No mention of Wells being held in lockup. His photo isn’t all over the news, but, if you do a search, guess what, he’s White.

Now, let’s go back to minority contracting contracts and preference on contracts.

The author of this site, David Esrati, owns an ad agency in Dayton that is certified by the VA as a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business” and also qualifies as a “HUBZone Business” by the SBA. The certifications and letters are posted on his companies website: https://thenextwave.biz/tnw-diversity-certifications/

When bidding on the Dayton Public Schools marketing contract, that supposedly had a $300K cap, his firm bid under the limit, promised 3.5 man years of work in the bid. The firm had submitted the appropriate certifications to the Dayton Minority business assistance center (the same one that is at the center of the RoShawn Winburn pay to play scandal) and included his qualifications in the bid to DPS.

The agency that “won” the contract bid $345K for 1.5 man years and only claimed they would use a minority subcontractor in their “winning bid.” I requested the bid evaluation sheets- where my firm was libeled and qualifications of my firm were questioned. You can read all of them here: https://esrati.com/schoolmarketing101

Of course, no investigation. It’s funny how the winner of the DPS bid, The Ohlmann Group, also does work for Sinclair, Wright State, CareSource, The PreSchool Promise, the Area Agency on Aging, Montgomery County Business Solutions Center, did the horrid logo for the City of Dayton, the list goes on.

Is there an investigation on how one firm seems to have the market cornered on major political donors and governmental bodies? Nope.

There is a different standard in Dayton for those in power and the rest of us. Some can keep filling their pockets with tax dollars and steering contracts to their friends and families, and the rest of us, can keep paying for it.

Who is going to investigate the DOJ and the FBI and the State AG who only seem to be able to indict black people?



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