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Were I teaching commercial art, I’d use this post as a textbook.

Tho’ I’d ask you to go back and add the Amazon logo, with the A-Z smile-arrow.


As much as I despised the new UD logo when it came out it’s fair to say that it ended up not being a catastrophic mistake. A missed opportunity is all. They basically held serve. The Urge Overkill UD logo was awful and was not legible during TV broadcasts. The new logo is at least legible on tv. You can’t go anywhere in the burbs without seeing folks wearing the new logo and it is very popular with the younger fans. My son even has huge Fathead of the new logo on his bedroom wall.

The suburbs and towns surrounding Dayton are relevant. This isn’t Little House on the Prairie where it’s a big deal that we are heading into Mankato. Technology is making us more and more decentralized. Dayton is just like every other town or suburb in the area and is visited only on occasion. Most of what we need: work, food, entertainment, church etc…is available without having to go into city.