Finally, someone else asks about the Jane Mitakides “business woman” title

I always wondered how Jane Mitakides used to get away with saying she was in advertising. I’m in advertising, and I never saw her at any advertising function. Next, she was in the dental waste recycling business, but when I looked for a business with her name attached, I came up with nothing. Finally, Greg Gantt and I agree on something- Jane’s credentials as a “business woman” are about as good as Mike Turners as an “urban champion” (remember, as soon as he lost as mayor, he moved to a gated community in Centerville).

Gantt get’s it right in the DDN:

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Greg Gantt on Thursday, Aug. 21, sent out a press release questioning whether Jane Mitakides, who has described herself as a businesswoman, has any businesses at all.

“If she has a business, where is her office, who are her clients, and why did she not disclose the business on her personal disclosure form?” Gantt’s release said. ” If she does not have a business, why in the world is she claiming to be a businessperson?”

Mitakides responded that she could “convene a panel of 100 people who’ve done business with me. I’m a very successful businesswoman who sold my business.”

As for the $59,000, she said she earned the salary managing her husband’s dental practice. She said she disclosed her income with the U.S. House of Representatives, which congressional candidates are required to do.

“Clearly Mike Turner can’t defend himself so he’s sending the party to attack me,” she said. “What surprises me about it is it’s so amateurish and ham-handed.”

Candidate’s credentials called into question.

The reality is- Jane is a socialite. Her business is conducted at Country Clubs and Democratic party shindigs.

She’s cut from the exact same cloth that Turner has aspired to.

The only difference between the two- Barack Obama will actually talk to Jane once he’s elected President. Turner will be scorned.

But at no point, will Jane ever be anything other than a Country Club democrat.

Need a reminder:

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Hmmmm…two things pop into mind when I hear the name Jane Mitakides:
1) Dental Waste
2) Jerry Springer Fundraiser

I’m not a business woman nor do I have a formal education in advertising but I would think having Jerry Springer as your guest for a $500.00 a plate fundraiser would be bad business. (and bad advertising)

Even me, a lowly consumer, understands a little about branding.
His tv personality and bad choices while in office (bounced check to a hooker) far overshadow his “amazing story, how he came to the United States as a little boy when his parents were escaping the Holocaust in Germany.”

I’m sure Jane and Jerry are probably good folks. Good folks who live in fantasy land, but good folks.


Well, Mitakides has claimed she only knows Political Jerry, that she never watched his show and would never capitalize on that popularity, but for his work in public affairs. I think someone needs to find Mitakides’ other brain cell because she’s only working on one now.

Greg Gantt
Greg Gantt

You agree with me and call me an idiot all in the same week – – I’m honored. Questions: 1) You say that you finally agree with me, yet in May of 2007 you agreed with me regarding planning ahead. Did you forget? 2) You said that once again I make an idiot of myself. I did not know that you called me an idiot before. Please advise?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Sorry Greg, Yes- I agreed with you on planning ahead on looking for candidates for office.
And- in the post about Turners failure to disclose- you made two idiotic statements in the same article- first about the toilet paper, then about the Pot Smokers Journal.
Other than that- you’re brilliant.
I hope you stay Republican Party Chairman for as long as Jeff Jacobson- so that the Dems can win more seats in the County (although, it would be better if we had some Dems that weren’t just spineless party suck-ups).


Ah, Jerry Springer. I always heard he used a credit card to pay for the hooker. Hmmm, wonder if I should go to Snopes on that one.

To me, the only thing Jerry Springer could do to possibly restore any sense of credibility (not claiming he ever had any) would be to cancel the show and announce he will no longer take part in letting people make fools of themselves for entertainment which only increases his personal wealth and the show’s ratings. I don’t care if they are willing & happy to be on his show – just because your friends jump off a bridge, are you going to follow them?

As for Jane bringing him in for a fund raiser – I just cannot even begin to comprehend what she was thinking. Except that those who went probably can’t turn away from train wrecks either. Sorry David, looks like you’ll have to deal with Turner for a few more years. :)

David Esrati
David Esrati

TG- Springer used a check for his hooker.
From what I heard of her “fund raiser”- she gave away tickets so it would seem like people were there- and it was mostly media in attendance.
Jane sent out yesterdays DDN editorial as a release- saying they were “tied”- as in both losers.
It’s not just me that will be stuck with your favorite slimy congressman- it’s all of us.


:) – it’s all a matter of perception.

Mike Bock

Your means to dispute Mitakides’ qualifications, to me, is not convincing. You quote the DDN article in which Mitakides says, “(I could) convene a panel of 100 people who’ve done business with me. I’m a very successful businesswoman who sold my business.” You dispute Mitakides’ claim of her business activity by saying, “I’m in advertising, and I never saw her at any advertising function.”

I don’t have personal knowledge about Mitakides’ business experience, but I have no reason to doubt her word that, at one time, she ran her own successful business. The fact that her circle of business didn’t overlap yours hardly seems to me a sufficient reason for me to doubt her truthfulness about her business experience. You give no evidence that you have any understanding of exactly what her business experience consisted of, or that you’ve made any specific effort to research the matter.

I’m sure that Turner would love this campaign for U.S. Representative to be framed in terms of, “Who is more qualified?” What qualifications are needed to vote “Yes” to support every Republican bad idea? Any moron could have accomplished in Washington what Turner has accomplished. Whatever Turner’s qualifications might be really doesn’t matter, because you don’t need qualifications, you don’t need to think for yourself, to simply be part of a winning juggernaut. It is simple: the Republicans have rolled us, have treated us like fools, and the Republicans running for office should pay the price. Donald Runsfeld and Dick Cheny were two of the most qualified in government to hold their positions and their arrogance and bad judgments have been incredibly destructive and costly. The actions of this Republican Congress has put us over $3 trillion in debt, has incredibly weakened us here at home and overseas. The way to frame the question of the election for Representative for the 3rd District is, “Does Turner Deserve To Be Reelected?” The answer to this question is a resounding, “NO,” and the answer has nothing to do business qualifications, college degrees, previous experience.

David Esrati
David Esrati

You’re absolutely right Mike Bock, we could elect a trained monkey that could do a better job- as long as they vote democrat.
However, Ms. Mitakides is just another member of our societies elite looking to continue the appearance of serving us.
Trust me- if she was in advertising in Dayton- someone I know would have known her in that capacity. This is Dayton afterall- it’s a small town.
The DDN gave her a pass for years- reporting her as in advertising- when in fact she was not. I, on the other hand- get labeled a gadfly- never mind that I’m actually in the ad business- and employee real people everyday creating advertising.
Show me Jane’s website? Her campaign website has been a joke from day one- as has her grasp of how to communicate her message.
The Dems have now run Jane 2x and Dick Chema once- 3x Mike Turner hasn’t faced anyone who could actually engage him in a debate- never mind threaten his position.
If you think the Dems have all the answers to our problems- why can’t they figure out how to at least run someone who can call Mike Turner and his little “turner effect” scam into a good thick coating of slime- like it really is- and have a chance for someone to run against him and win.
I’m voting for Jane. I just don’t expect much different from her and her country club democratic blue blood background.

The Dame
The Dame

She is going to get STOMPED.
You, at least, would have made it interesting. =)


I realize this is an older blog but being in the anti-Jane camp, I felt compelled to respond.  Jane did run a business. Whether she owned it or not I am not certain but she did run a business on Rt. 48 in Oakwood back in the late 1980s. It was an upscale clothing store. That was 20 years ago and although this upcoming comment has absolutely nothing to do with her accomplishments either as a business owner or as a budding politician I felt compelled to say – Jane was an absolute b1t¢h. There I said it but I have been in sales for almost 30 years and she still takes the trophy for the most pretentious, snobby, and unpleasant customer I have done business with. And my assumption is this – if she treats a business partner like this – what will be the treatment of her constituency. I shudder to ponder that.