Finally, someone else asks about the Jane Mitakides “business woman” title

I always wondered how Jane Mitakides used to get away with saying she was in advertising. I’m in advertising, and I never saw her at any advertising function. Next, she was in the dental waste recycling business, but when I looked for a business with her name attached, I came up with nothing. Finally, Greg Gantt and I agree on something- Jane’s credentials as a “business woman” are about as good as Mike Turners as an “urban champion” (remember, as soon as he lost as mayor, he moved to a gated community in Centerville).

Gantt get’s it right in the DDN:

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Greg Gantt on Thursday, Aug. 21, sent out a press release questioning whether Jane Mitakides, who has described herself as a businesswoman, has any businesses at all.

“If she has a business, where is her office, who are her clients, and why did she not disclose the business on her personal disclosure form?” Gantt’s release said. ” If she does not have a business, why in the world is she claiming to be a businessperson?”

Mitakides responded that she could “convene a panel of 100 people who’ve done business with me. I’m a very successful businesswoman who sold my business.”

As for the $59,000, she said she earned the salary managing her husband’s dental practice. She said she disclosed her income with the U.S. House of Representatives, which congressional candidates are required to do.

“Clearly Mike Turner can’t defend himself so he’s sending the party to attack me,” she said. “What surprises me about it is it’s so amateurish and ham-handed.”

Candidate’s credentials called into question.

The reality is- Jane is a socialite. Her business is conducted at Country Clubs and Democratic party shindigs.

She’s cut from the exact same cloth that Turner has aspired to.

The only difference between the two- Barack Obama will actually talk to Jane once he’s elected President. Turner will be scorned.

But at no point, will Jane ever be anything other than a Country Club democrat.

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