Mike Turner, Dennis Kucinich- both vote against final bailout plan

Jane Mitakides can’t tell me how she’d vote on the $700 Billion Bailout. I called, I wrote- and no answer. Probably can expect the same kind of response if she gets elected.

In the politics makes strange bedfellows department, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Turner both voted against the “reformulated, new and improved bailout of the uber rich” which hands the bill for the excesses of Wall Street to the poor people on Main Street. See the final House roll call vote here.

In business, we always have at least three options to consider to solve any problem- without being overly creative. In government, it seems we only have one. Guess what? If you need any more proof that our politicians are the best that money can buy- just look at the pork that was added to the same stinker, to get the 12 extra votes they needed.

Kudo’s to Turner for voting for the people and against this crap fest. He may have actually won my vote this November.

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“He may have actually won my vote this November”

ROFTL. Yeah, Dave, why did I even bother to do those anti-Turner postings on my blog when you were running in the primary.

And now you vote for Turner.


When you endorse Turner here is the day I stop linking to your blog, becuase I want no association with Turner supporters.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Jeff-
I said “he may have”
Not “he did”
And- why can’t Jane Mitakides answer the question?


Turner is one of the last American heroes. He’s not a party man, he’s a congressman and a states man. God bless him

David Esrati
David Esrati

Greg,Turner is anything but a hero. He’s a con man in Congress.
He’s voted something like 90% of the time with GWB. He sold his soul to get this job- and, steals government money (in much smaller quantities) through no-bid contracts through his wife’s firm, Turner Effect. In 6 years in Congress- this is the only vote he’s made that has been in the best interest of the little people-
He loves to talk about all the good things he brings us for WPAFB- which isn’t even in his district (due to Republican gerrymandering to get him elected) and it’s nothing but pork (of course, our pork good- other peoples pork bad).
Mike Turner is absolutely the last person I’d ever want in a foxhole with me.
But- he did get this vote right- voting with Dennis Kucinich.
You might want to read some of the other posts on this site concerning Mike Turner, Megalomaniac.