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Congressman Turner admits he’s for sale

One of my father’s favorite jokes goes like this: A guy walks up to a starlet in a bar and says “Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?” She says “but of course, darling” Then he asks if she’ll sleep with him for a dollar. She replies- “What kind of woman do you Read More

Turner makes most corrupt list- DOH!

A Washington watchdog group just figured out what I’ve been telling you for years: Lori Turner’s firm, “The Turner Effect” is nothing but a slush fund for Turner’s campaign donors. Go read the full report on their site: Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) is a third-term member of Congress, representing Ohio’s 3rd congressional district. Rep. Turner’s Read More

Brilliant political rhetoric in the OH-3 race

In the discussion about Congressman Turner’s wife, Lori and her questionable ethics (accepting work from clients who want to curry favor with her husband- or no bid contracts from quasi-government organizations) we reach an all time high point in the discussion of disclosure thanks to the brilliant Montgomery County Republican Party chairman: County Republican Party Read More

Mike “teflon” Turner denies wife’s business is a slush fund

This isn’t the first time I’ve pointed out that Lori Turner’s business has grown as her husbands position has risen. I first pointed it out in this post (which is cited by Wikipedia) Is Turner Effect a slush fund for Mike Turner supporters? If you can’t donate enough to Mike’s campaign, just hire Lori- and Read More

The $300,000 question: Get Midwest Goes Bye-Bye?

Now that Lori Turner and Turner Effect have gotten paid $300,000 and resigned the account, several people asked me today: what next? History tells me that it’s time to do some housecleaning at the Dayton Development Coalition. This reminds me of when Thomas Heine was ousted from the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, or when Read More

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