Ohio State crys for Jim Tressel

The American integrity standard?

Typically, you won’t read about sports on unless it’s about youth sports and recreation programs. But as the entire city of Columbus is now embroiled in a huge debate- not over the raising of the debt limit, abortion bills or our involvement in three undeclared wars, but over the resignation of the Ohio State Read More

Brilliant political rhetoric in the OH-3 race

In the discussion about Congressman Turner’s wife, Lori and her questionable ethics (accepting work from clients who want to curry favor with her husband- or no bid contracts from quasi-government organizations) we reach an all time high point in the discussion of disclosure thanks to the brilliant Montgomery County Republican Party chairman: County Republican Party Read More

Conflicts abound when deals are done in back rooms

The hypocrisy of all this is amazing- yet, no one other than yours truly, has questioned how the Congressman’s wife, with no office in Atlanta or Washington, is doing work for the Home Depot PAC (most definitley a conflict of interest). Another question- is how the Turner Effect could even consider bidding on Government Contracts Read More