$700 Billion dollar bailout

And for only $10 Billion….

When I was running for Congress, I wanted to supply every student K-12 with a laptop. Besides saving tons of money on obsolete dead tree based textbooks, dead tree testing and dead tree term papers- we would also be raising a generation of technologically prepared workers. But, I was worried about the price tag: about Read More

The new god in business is Chairman Hank Paulson

How would you like it if all of a sudden, the government stepped in and decided to give your competition a few billion dollars- and make everyone else think your company is failing? That’s exactly what Hank Paulson and the Treasury department are doing to National City Bank- and Congress can’t get a straight answer. Read More

My question for the presidential debate tonight

Tonight, the questions are supposed to be from the people. Not, that it means that John McCain or Barack Obama will actually directly answer any question clearly. I’d like to hear a simple yes or no answer to the following question, with a promise if elected, to change the credit card rate cap lower: Senators, Read More

A reminder on the bailout.

I haven’t watched this video since it was made. Five minutes- ad lib, no cue-cards, no teleprompter, no script, no edit. It was commentary on the $150 Billion dollar handout that the Bush administration promised us would “stimulate the economy” by sending out checks of $300 per taxpayer. That was in January 2008. Guess it Read More

Mike Turner, Dennis Kucinich- both vote against final bailout plan

Jane Mitakides can’t tell me how she’d vote on the $700 Billion Bailout. I called, I wrote- and no answer. Probably can expect the same kind of response if she gets elected. In the politics makes strange bedfellows department, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Turner both voted against the “reformulated, new and improved bailout of the Read More