Is Mitakides clueless or desperate, or both?

This is Jane’s idea? Hang out with Jerry Springer. What voters does she think she’s going to reach with this message? Jane and the king of trash TV? Turner might want to distance himself from GWB- but, I don’t think he’s stupid enough to go hang out with a guy who once wrote a check to a hooker.

The Party of Jerry Springer?

Via email, Jane Mitakides, congressional candidate for Ohio’s 3rd district, has just invited me to “Cocktails and Conversation” with special guest Jerry Springer.

Now, I spent a fair amount of time with the infamous Mr. Springer–on the phone and in person–when he was toying with a congressional run of his own a few years back. When it comes to politics, he’s a nice, serious, and surprisingly earnest guy.

But we are also talking about the godfather of trash tv. Arguably no name–not Paris, Britney, or even Lindsay–says “debased culture” quite like Jerry Springer. The man has a comic opera named after him for god sake.

So I’m wondering: Celebrity value notwithstanding, is it really wise for any Democrat to publicize Springer as a political compatriot? It’s risky business in an average year, considering Republicans’ penchant for painting Dems as out-of-touch-with-mainstream-America, Hollywood-star-huggers. In a year where John McCain is cutting tacky commercials trying to link Barack Obama with Paris Hilton, the strategy seems even more fraught.

Can’t you just see the attack ads now, pics of Mitakides arm-in-arm with Springer, intercut with footage from Springer’s show featuring fisticuffs between white-trash pedophilic meth dealers?

–Michelle Cottle

The Party of Jerry Springer? – The Plank.

I know Jerry Springer is a liberal, and that he can raise money. But, when we’re talking about a serious run, for a serious job, is this sideshow circus really what a serious candidate should be doing?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jane speak a few times- and don’t think she’s much less of a talking mouthpiece than Turner.

Please tell me we have a Libertarian or Green Party candidate for OH-3. Please.

Here is the invite info: (I was invited too)

Cocktails and Conversation
“Turning the Page, Making a Difference”
Thursday, August 14th, 2008
VIP Reception 5:30pm
Main Event 6:15pm
5323 Split Rail Road
Dayton, Ohio 45429
Main Event $150/person RSVP to Ashton at 937-610-0555
VIP Reception & Main Event $500/person or [email protected]
Cocktails & Hors D’ Oeuvres

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