Bernie Sanders

Just hit pause

People are aghast in Ohio that at the last minute, after the governor couldn’t shut down the polls today, the health commissioner did, and she probably saved millions of lives. Others, are so used to their daily hustle economy, where they feel like they are kingpins of control, realize, that all they controlled was based Read More

How the Coronavirus propels Bernie Sanders into the White House

Bill Clinton famously said “It’s the economy, stupid” that helped him beat George Herbert Bush. Bernie Sanders is going to say, “It’s health care and workers rights, stupid” that will push him in by a landslide. Besides the fact that Bernie has always been an outlier on trade, more like Trump than he’d like to Read More

Throw this Hillary supporter into the “Basket of Deplorables”

Dear Hillary, the DNC, all of the surrogates and the rest of vaunted machine, this is why Bernie Sanders was a serious candidate, even though you did everything you could to discredit him. You’re out of touch. You’re possibly about to blow an election to someone who no one would have considered a serious contender Read More

I’m David Esrati, and I don’t approve this message

It’s happened a lot recently. Randomly, I’ve connected with someone who said “Aren’t you David Esrati, I read your blog.” Not necessarily read it every post, but, have read it. One of my hockey teammates even said it was helpful to him when he looked for “Where to get Baklava in Dayton” A very pretty, Read More

Bernie Sanders will change American politics

It’s July 29, 2015, in Ohio. Our primary isn’t until March 15, 2016 – and there were close to 100 people gathered in a union hall to hear Bernie Sanders give his “grassroots organizing kickoff” speech. No slick camera work. His podium- a music stand. No teleprompter- just his notes on a yellow legal pad. Read More

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