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Tombstone for "Your local Newspaper" Darwin Award winner- Content galore, failed to monetize

You’ll be sorry when the local newspaper dies

This story is happening everywhere, but, who will be left to tell you, and why you should care… a lot. First, the email came to tell us that the Dayton Daily News would no longer print a Saturday edition, and that subscribers should “read it online.” Bam, just like that, you just lost a seventh Read More

The right way to pay for journalism

My last post, the video of me returning the weekly ad circulars distributed by CoxOhio created a mini-viral sensation in Dayton, where residents are sick of picking up garbage that someone is getting paid to throw into their yards. Of course, the people at Cox Ohio are sick of trying to replace ad revenue that Read More

The fear of speaking out and up

My last post was up for less than a day, before the owner of the restaurant in question kindly asked for me to take it down. Unfortunately, the Internet doesn’t have a real delete key. There are many of you who can figure out how to read it by going through caches, by using the Read More