Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery Wayne Avenue entrance gate

I’ve been the keeper of the keys to the gates to Woodland Cemetery Wyoming Street for about a year.  Now, I have keys to the Waldo Street off Wayne Avenue entrance gate. If you live along Wayne and would like access to one of Dayton’s best walking tracks, please stop by my office, The Next Read More

Segway tours of Woodland

Probably because the last time the issue of Segways on the city streets and sidewalks was greeted with an “over my dead body” attitude by the powers that be in Dayton, the first Segway event that I know of in Dayton is going to be held over our oldest dead bodies- in Woodland Cemetery. Here’s Read More

Why I love Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum

In my congressional run, I made a video featuring Woodland Cemetery, one of my favorite places in Dayton. That it’s just four blocks away helps too. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjRek_SnylY[/youtube] Besides being the tallest point in Dayton, it’s absolutely breathtaking at the crack of dawn when I like to either run or walk through the final resting places Read More

Best place to watch planes take off from Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Sometimes the coolest things are right in front of us- and we just miss them. Yesterday I headed out to the Museum of the USAF … Air Force Museum (some names just won’t ever change)- at 4:30 not realizing it closed at 5. With 2 kids in tow- I had to punt, so we drove Read More

Elect Esrati to Congress, because, well, his TV spots cost less

You won’t see this TV commercial for my campaign on TV. Nope, won’t happen. Because that costs a lot of money, and I’m refusing to take money from the “Big Money” people. So, instead of selling my soul (and your representation) to special interest groups, political action committees and big business, I’m going to keep Read More