Sunday morning pancakes. 9am to 1pm

Buttermilk pancakes from scratch!

Buttermilk pancakes from scratch!

It’s pancake breakfast time! I still need to raise about $1900 to reach my goal of $10,000. So it’s time to put on the chefs hat and sell my pancakes. From scratch buttermilk pancakes- made with ingredients from the 2nd Street public market.

The eggs come from Jean at KJB Farms, the cake flour, baking powder and baking soda from the Spice Rack, as well as the sweet cream Amish butter.

100% pure Grade A maple syrup from Dohner’s Maple Camp- coffee from Ghostlight. I even got non-homogenized milk from Star Dancer creamery – and will try to pour off the cream from the top for the coffee drinkers.

I have also have OJ. Suggested minimum donation is $5 – and it’s all you can eat.

Come to my house, from 9am to 1pm at 113 Bonner Street Dayton 45410 on Sept 29th and help my campaign out and eat an amazing breakfast.

Hope to see you here tomorrow.



Elect Esrati fundraiser: Ghostlight Coffee, Feb 27, 7pm

We’ll need to raise a bit more money to finish the primary campaign strong and propel the campaign forward against the winner of the Republican primary (most likely Mike Turner). So, please join me and many of the volunteers at Ghostlight Coffee, 1201 Wayne Ave from 7pm to 9:00 pm for a fundraiser.

We’ll have desserts (you may bring one to donate or in lieu of a donation)- and coffee will be available for purchase from our hosts. Live music is being confirmed as I write this.

We’ll have campaign materials, show you how to use our campaign tools and have our classic ringer T-shirts available for donations of over $25. We’re also going to have hand crafted coffee cozys for donations over $50.

Keep track of all our events and candidates nights here:

and if you can’t make it- but still want to help, consider donating:

Back to life- need your help

The last 2.75 days have been hell. My iPhone 3G “upgrade” turned it into a brick. And as digitally dependent as I am- it was a crisis.

I spent over 6 hours on the phone with Apple- to no avail. The upgrade was supposedly unreversable- and it even trashed the backup.

Luckily- I back things up in multiple places- and, did a whole bunch of searching- to find a solution- which I posted here:

Helping people across the globe get their phones back from the brickyard.

But- now- I need your help. 2 ways:

I have to take a 150-word endorsement essay to the DDN on Monday. Be it one of Ice Bandit’s poems, one of Jstults astute references to Wikipedia and other arcane sources, Larkin’s Pulitzer worthy prose- or one of PizzaBill’s tongue in cheek responses- I don’t care.

Give it a shot in comments- and we’ll vote and see who gets to give the DDN the reason why I’m the best to go up against Turner in the fall.

The second part is- I need to see some more money in the donation kitty. Please consider $5 a week- or even one time. If you’ve read this site, and get some entertainment value at the least- it’s gotta be worth a few greenbacks.

And just remember- it all gets a lot more interesting if:

1) I’m debating Turner or

2) I’m writing from the floor of the House of Representatives.

It’s up to you. Thanks.

Send money. Please.

It’s official. It’s a three-way race. With the election coming up so quickly, it’s unlikely that the other candidates can work the web as fast as I can. is up- and the donation page is up.

I don’t need a lot of money- but I do need money for printing, for mailings, and for all the tools it takes to crunch data and win a modern American election. I’ll also need volunteers. So, consider heading over and making a donation- any amount.

I’d like to see $10K before the primary. If every contact I have just gave $10, I’d be well over.

I’ve posted my main campaign issues on the front page- it will evolve. But as you all know- all my positions are on this site- over the last 4 years.

This is important- as will the get-out-the-vote effort. I need your help.

You want representation- that represents you instead of Special Interests- get to it. Thanks!

Volunteers needed this weekend- you can help me while helping Obama

All of you folks who will be knocking on a million doors for Obama, you can hand out my cards at the same time.

Just swing by either the 2nd Street Market between 9am and 3 pm on Saturday- East end, and pick up some literature a button and a bumper sticker. The market is at 600 E. Second Street Dayton OH 45402

We’ll have a booth, down at the East end- close to the glassed in area.

We’ll also have literature available at the office on Sunday- 100 Bonner Street, Dayton OH 45410– you can call 937.228.4433 to make sure someone is here.

The people we had to staff the booth had a medical mishap- so we could also use some volunteers there. Call the office to coordinate- or stop in.

If you’d like to support the cause financially, we’ll have donation forms at the market, be sure you bring a checkbook. We’re still raising money for media already placed.

Coming to a mailbox near you- Esrati’s first campaign mailer.

It’s on press right now, 40,000 80,000 postcards. Now I just need more contributions to pay for the postage.

If you are expecting to see some drivel about where I went to school, or the hard sell “elect Esrati” or even bullet points- sorry. It’s only 4″x6″ and it’s probably got 2x as much copy as anything else you’ve ever gotten from a single candidate.

Here it is front and back- and with a low rez PDF to download if you still can’t read it.

Front of “Elect Esrati” postcard

There are no perfect Candidates. Elect Esrati postcard rear

and the full size, low resolution PDF is here. Elect Esrati Postcard

On Donations: Elect Esrati, Full disclosure

The flow of funds into ElectEsrati is picking up, but isn’t close to where it needs to be.

Unlike Jane Mitakides, who has the ability to write her campaign a check, I’m not allowed to. Why? Because, my business, The Next Wave, is a Government contractor. After ten years of trying to land some government work as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and a HUBzone business, we got 2 projects in, both before I decided to run. One is some website architecture for a division of the Small Business Administration, and the other is a really nice little graphic design job, developing the materials for a Pharmacy Conference in St. Louis.

There was a law passed in 2004, that ALL government contracts and purchases try to commit 3% to go to SDVOB’s, most agencies aren’t even coming close. I’m not a huge fan of set asides, but, with the number of Service Disabled Veterans growing daily in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the importance of supporting small business, this one is a very small step to try to reward those who volunteered to serve.

This brings another dilemma. Since I obviously use my own firms talented employees to help me create the TV spot and maintain this site- I have to bill Elect Esrati at the same rate I would bill the Government. Obviously, I don’t bill for my time, but I do for my staffs time. That means, some of your donations will come back to me.

If any donor has a problem with this, I’ll gladly refund their donation. And, if you need to know if there is precedent for this- you only have to look as far as my opponents campaign, where Mike Turner’s campaign paid Turner Marketing, now, Turner Effect to do work for his campaign. Because he always spends big money on media, the percentage of the dollars that went to her firm was small- I can guarantee that he spent more money with her than what Elect Esrati will spend on my whole campaign.

For this campaign to continue- I need money for mailings, yard signs, more low budget media production, phone banks, and literature printing. Eventually, I will have to buy some major media, but for right now, I’m going to stick to YouTube.

If you can spare $25, $50 or $200, it can make the difference between one more YouTube video, podcast, or being able to have yard signs, mailings or literature.

If you’ve been reading this site for years, you almost owe me for the entertainment value I’ve provided :)


Elect Esrati to Congress, because, well, his TV spots cost less

You won’t see this TV commercial for my campaign on TV. Nope, won’t happen. Because that costs a lot of money, and I’m refusing to take money from the “Big Money” people. So, instead of selling my soul (and your representation) to special interest groups, political action committees and big business, I’m going to keep as much of my campaign digital and free.

Soon, we’ll have campaign literature for you to print out at home, signs you can print out to put up in your office or store, and other ways to share my message.

We’ve called this spot “Big Money — Big Media” and it features me (we can’t afford actors and big crews) and my dog (she works for biscuits). It was filmed yesterday (Jan 7, 2008) in beautiful historic Woodland Cemetery just blocks from my house.

A few people who read the script, didn’t think I should have the funny bit at the end- but my take is: political ads are mostly boring, full of bulls*-t and not particularly worth watching more than once- hopefully, you’ll think this fun enough that you might choose to share it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you want to download this to your iPod/iPhone or iTunes:

complete text of ad: Continue reading