Elect Esrati to Congress, because, well, his TV spots cost less

You won’t see this TV commercial for my campaign on TV. Nope, won’t happen. Because that costs a lot of money, and I’m refusing to take money from the “Big Money” people. So, instead of selling my soul (and your representation) to special interest groups, political action committees and big business, I’m going to keep as much of my campaign digital and free.

Soon, we’ll have campaign literature for you to print out at home, signs you can print out to put up in your office or store, and other ways to share my message.

We’ve called this spot “Big Money — Big Media” and it features me (we can’t afford actors and big crews) and my dog (she works for biscuits). It was filmed yesterday (Jan 7, 2008) in beautiful historic Woodland Cemetery just blocks from my house.

A few people who read the script, didn’t think I should have the funny bit at the end- but my take is: political ads are mostly boring, full of bulls*-t and not particularly worth watching more than once- hopefully, you’ll think this fun enough that you might choose to share it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you want to download this to your iPod/iPhone or iTunes:


complete text of ad:

I live in the shadow of Woodland Cemetery
It’s where I like to walk and reflect.
The media will tell you my campaign for congress is as dead as the occupants of these hallowed grounds since I won’t raise millions for my campaign chest, because I won’t accept contributions from corporations, political action committees or special interest groups.
Big Media hates candidates like me- because “real politicians” spend lots of money to run their ads.
Me, I’ll stick to YouTube. It’s that kind of practical wisdom that I think we need in Washington.
The media will tell you that I can’t win.
They probably would have told my most famous neighbors that they couldn’t fly either… and we know how that turned out.
Media endorsements are nice- but for me, the most valuable part of my morning newspaper is still the bag it comes in. (me picking up dog poop in the bag)

Title slide:
Elect Esrati. Com
Honest. To a fault.

I’m David Esrati, and I wrote, edited and starred in this spot myself. So of course I approved this message.

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