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Segway tours of Woodland

Probably because the last time the issue of Segways on the city streets and sidewalks was greeted with an “over my dead body” attitude by the powers that be in Dayton, the first Segway event that I know of in Dayton is going to be held over our oldest dead bodies- in Woodland Cemetery.

Here’s the press release:


Dayton, OH – “Segways” are the little stand-up 2-wheel vehicles police ride around and stand on, right? Well Woodland has made arrangements with Segway of Ohio – Cincinnati to provide one and a half hour tours of Woodland’s Victorian “Historic District” this Sunday, October 10th at its annual Discover Woodland Day celebration. Over 30 volunteers will be dressed “In Character” in period costumes at famous sites throughout the cemetery.

Photo contest winners will be announced and prizes awarded at 12:30 PM in the public area of Woodland Community Mausoleum.

Historic Tours are offered as follows:

  • Historic 2 hour Walking Tours: 1PM, 2 PM, and 3 PM.
  • Historic 1 hour Upper Loop Walking Tours: 1 PM, 2 PM, and 3 PM.
  • Historic 1.5 hour Segway Tours: 1 PM and 2:30 PM.

All of the Walking Tours and refreshments are free. The Segway Tours are $50.00 per person, and machines are limited, so reservations are encouraged. Call Kristy at 513-477-9403 or e-mail her at [email protected] [1]. If space is available, walk-up Segway reservations will be available.

“This is a first for Woodland, and maybe even for Dayton” said David Fitzsimmons, president of Woodland. “This is the only Segway Tour of Woodland this year, but we’ve made arrangements to provide Segway Historic Tours one evening a month starting next May.”

I’ve ridden a Segway for a little short spurt- and thought it was a blast. I’ve always wanted to take a tour on one- but since Woodland is my hallowed walking ground- it would feel like blasphemy to ride a newfangled contraption by the Wright Brothers etc.

Of course, we’d see a lot more Segways- and scooters- and bikes on our streets if our city leaders had a bit more enlightened view on alternative, green transportation alternatives.

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Bryan Suddith

I hope this is a reoccurring event as I will be unable to attend this weekend. What a great idea! Next the aviation trail on Segways or a downtown History ride.

David Lauri

I went on a Segway tour in DC last fall and it was a lot of fun.  I’m not sure how safe I’d feel on a Segway on Woodland’s steep roads though.  It’d probably be fine as long as you didn’t go too fast.  In DC we got to go as fast as the Segways would take us (about 13 MPH).

Another Civil Servant

Blasphomy?  I would rather believe that riding a segway past the Wright Brothers’ graves would probably make them happy!  They were all about progress and inovation.  The only problem they would have with it would be the fact that, being dead, they would not get to use them!

Donald Phillips

Segways are the Gen X Delorean, that is, status symbols for those devoid of the social graces. I suppose it is `innovative’, but then so is a rubber sex doll with life-like private parts.

Why don’t you sanction rallies with the Antioch Shriners and their mineature cars? You garner no less laughs and guffaws.