When advertising does good in politics

We’ve seen the worst in political ads this election- but once in a while, advertising can really make you think- like this ad by Grey advertising. Simple bit of Photoshop- and you get an image that puts things in perspective.

If race was reversed- would you change your vote?

"let the issues be the issue"

Consider who you’re voting for: Obama or McCain. Now, look at the reversed-race image created by Grey. Ask yourself: If their races were reversed, would it change your opinion of either candidate, even for a second? Grey New York chief creative officer Tor Myhren explains: “This is a non-partisan image. We wanted to address the race issue straight on. And it cuts both ways. If you’re hopping on either candidate’s bandwagon solely due to the color of their skin, you’re voting for the wrong reasons.” So, the agency’s hoping to provoke discussion. Fair enough. Discuss.

CampaignFreak: Grey sees Election 2008 in black and white

Not all political advertising has to be a smear or a sound bite.

Elect Esrati to Congress, because, well, his TV spots cost less

You won’t see this TV commercial for my campaign on TV. Nope, won’t happen. Because that costs a lot of money, and I’m refusing to take money from the “Big Money” people. So, instead of selling my soul (and your representation) to special interest groups, political action committees and big business, I’m going to keep as much of my campaign digital and free.

Soon, we’ll have campaign literature for you to print out at home, signs you can print out to put up in your office or store, and other ways to share my message.

We’ve called this spot “Big Money — Big Media” and it features me (we can’t afford actors and big crews) and my dog (she works for biscuits). It was filmed yesterday (Jan 7, 2008) in beautiful historic Woodland Cemetery just blocks from my house.

A few people who read the script, didn’t think I should have the funny bit at the end- but my take is: political ads are mostly boring, full of bulls*-t and not particularly worth watching more than once- hopefully, you’ll think this fun enough that you might choose to share it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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