Walk to work tax credit

Republicans making sense…

If you listen to the “debates” of those who want to be our president, you hear a lot of banter. You hear a lot of he said/she said. You hear things that are pulled out of their rear ends for shock and awe and front-page headlines. Very rarely, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, do Read More

Ohio tax policies create sprawl & pit cities against each other

Common sense would tell you that when cities fight to give corporations the best deal, someone will pay, and yet, we needed a study to prove the obvious. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio’s tax abatement programs, designed to keep businesses in the state, have failed Cleveland residents and those in the inner-ring suburbs by Read More

Economic recovery will fail with gas over $3 a gallon: investigate

Retailers just reported a bounce in holiday sales that were actually over what they were pre-meltdown. The very same day- the price of gasoline shoots up to $3.20 a gallon. If the oil companies had any sense, they’d realize that by gouging now, we’ll end up with more people declaring bankruptcy again, prices on everything Read More

Sprawl. It’s a gas.

If you have a 900-square-foot house, it’s less costly to heat, cool, maintain and easier to clean, secure and furnish than a 4000-sq.-ft. McMansion- especially if you are only one person. It also takes a lot less time from end to end, or top to bottom. Same goes for a city. If you are on Read More

A lesson for Dayton- and the rest of the country

As long as we have a patchwork taxation system, we’ll have companies moving around for the best possible situation. Tax evasion/aversion shouldn’t be part of any business model, but, in these days of short term goals over long term plans- we see many such shortsighted moves (NCR to NYC and Atlanta?) American Greetings Corp., the Read More

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