It’s the men in suits who’ve messed it all up.

When I started riding the scooter as my main form of transportation, I pretty much abandoned the suit for jeans and boots. When I saw “An inconvenient truth” I came to the conclusion that we need to figure out how to end our dependency on fossil fuel- and my walk to work tax credit idea was born.

This video from the EU, pretty much sums up my feelings:


There is also the question of what happens when the gap between the haves and the have nots gets too big. Typically, the sides collapse, and fall into the center. It’s not pretty- and we’re starting to see the result of years of unbridled greed. This video about Goldman Sachs and their kingdom of Burger flippers makes it pretty clear:


While neither item is the purview of a Dayton City Commissioner, I still believe that think globally, act locally is a pretty good mantra.

Both of these videos came to me through listening to you (thanks Tim and Teresa). I publish them to try to keep a dialog going, and to stimulate discussion on what we can do in Dayton to change the world.

That is Dayton’s heritage, and it should be our goal to keep it going.

What will you bring to the effort?

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