Economic recovery will fail with gas over $3 a gallon: investigate

Retailers just reported a bounce in holiday sales that were actually over what they were pre-meltdown. The very same day- the price of gasoline shoots up to $3.20 a gallon.

If the oil companies had any sense, they’d realize that by gouging now, we’ll end up with more people declaring bankruptcy again, prices on everything else will go up, employment will drop and we’ll be back in trouble.

The Feds need to closely investigate what is causing the run-up in gas prices- and start enforcing price fixing laws. The way that prices jump- and where they jump, reeks of collusion and discrimination (I almost always notice higher prices in urban HUBzone areas- compared to other communities).

With record profits the last time we saw gas go to $4 a gallon, it was clear what was really going on. We can’t afford a “double dip recession” handed to us by a single industry.

Even though it’s 20 degrees out, I’m considering firing up the motorcycle and getting out the heated gloves and jacket for a morning meeting in Brookville. You may think I’m crazy- but the reality is there is only one way to win against our fuelishness- and that’s to use less of it.

Once again- I will remind you of a tax break that I proposed that would help this country break its dependence on foreign oil- the walk-to-work tax credit. This kind of focused economic development, along with support for environmentally positive programs like BCycle bike sharing could help turn this country from a petro-drunk into a gas-teetotaler.

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