Montgomery Country Democratic Party

The launch of a new kind of campaign: Esrati for City Commission

Today, is 30 days from petition turn in for the “Non-partisan” Dayton City Commission race. The petitions are closely guarded and held by both the Montgomery County Board of Elections and the Dayton City Commission office. So far there are 7 candidates with petitions out for City Commission and 4 for Mayor that are known: Read More

Democrats hold secret meetings in Cleveland too.

Apparently the concept of “Representative Democracy” is practiced in Cleveland just like it is in Dayton- with “self-selected” representatives making decisions on who should be our representatives. Media and at least one Democratic activist were removed and blocked from InterContinental Hotel property Monday night while retired Congressman Louis Stokes and Mayor Frank Jackson and a Read More

On who picks who.

Suppose we just stopped having primary elections, and instead, let a group of self selected leaders choose who should be the candidates? Ignore the will of the people, because the people don’t know who has the “right stuff” to be elected. We could ignore the popular vote, and put who we want in office. (Wait, Read More