On who picks who.

Suppose we just stopped having primary elections, and instead, let a group of self selected leaders choose who should be the candidates? Ignore the will of the people, because the people don’t know who has the “right stuff” to be elected. We could ignore the popular vote, and put who we want in office. (Wait, didn’t that happen in 2000?) While all of us are wondering about which way the “Super Delegates” will vote at the Democratic Convention, this very process has been the status quo in Montgomery County for as long as anyone remembers. The “screening committee” of the party, meets in a locked room, and decides who should run, and who should not. So, when you hear someone say they are the endorsed democrat in Montgomery County, remember, that just means that they know the secret handshake of the private club.
In the race for Congress in OH-3, only the Montgomery County Democratic Party endorses in the primary. I’m proud not to be a part of that club.

David Esrati, Democratic Candidate for Congress, OH-3

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