endorsed democrat

The endorsement process of the Montgomery County Democratic Party

What does “endorsed democrat” mean? And why you should ignore it.

Apologies for not posting about this shitshow of a Dem Party meeting earlier. Reliving this via editing the video made me ill enough. The meeting was Thursday, 28 Sept 2023- and the discussion was focused on who the party should endorse in the Trotwood election. If you live in Trotwood, you should be really ticked Read More

Whaley attacks from the gutter with push polling

Last week a citizen got a survey call from a Michigan number that rings back to Mountain West Research Center www.mwrcenter.com At the end of the survey, the survey caller identified herself as calling from Survey Sampling International http://www.surveysampling.com The survey began with questions about the local upcoming election- and began with reasons you might Read More

On who picks who.

Suppose we just stopped having primary elections, and instead, let a group of self selected leaders choose who should be the candidates? Ignore the will of the people, because the people don’t know who has the “right stuff” to be elected. We could ignore the popular vote, and put who we want in office. (Wait, Read More