Democrats hold secret meetings in Cleveland too.

Apparently the concept of “Representative Democracy” is practiced in Cleveland just like it is in Dayton- with “self-selected” representatives making decisions on who should be our representatives.

Media and at least one Democratic activist were removed and blocked from InterContinental Hotel property Monday night while retired Congressman Louis Stokes and Mayor Frank Jackson and a secret committee they appointed interviewed candidates to replace the late congresswoman on November’s general election ballot.

That committee, which has no official standing, will recommend a candidate to the executive committee of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. Members of the committee who live in the 11th Congressional District will vote Thursday on a replacement for Tubbs Jones, who died Aug. 20.

Stokes and Jackson, who say such screening of candidates is traditional, have made the process private. They will not release the names of committee members until later. Cleveland Clinic security officers said orders came from Jackson’s staff for media to leave the hotel and go to the sidewalk.

Media, public not allowed into Stokes’ vetting meeting –

While all is well and fine to do vetting in private- don’t expect the privacy to matter, because there is no more privacy for people who run for public office. If you have something to hide, it will come out, if you don’t know how to answer questions in public the same as in private you will be caught up in a “I voted for this, before I voted against it” type crap.

Shame on Louis Stokes and Frank Jackson, shame on the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. Shame on voters for continuing to allow this kind of BS to continue.

Screening/vetting candidates is just the first step into the sunshine. If you think you may get burnt in public, it’s not even wasting time doing it in private.

Is anyone in the Montgomery County Democratic Party Super Secret Screening Committee listening?

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